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Arts of Europe

The MFAH collections of art created on the European continent encompass artistic styles across the time line of history, from the ancient world to the Middle Ages, and the Early Modern era to the 21st century.

Italian, 1510 - 1592
Italian, 1549 - 1592
Christ in the House of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus
Oil on canvas

38 ¾ x 49 ¾ inches

Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation, Houston
Arts of Europe

This painting by Jacopo Bassano and his son, Francesco, depicts a biblical subject as a scene from daily life. As Jesus and His disciples enter the home of Lazarus, they are welcomed by Lazarus's sisters, Mary and Martha. Mary kneels on the step, Martha shows the guests in, and Lazarus assists in the preparation of food at the table.

Jacopo was trained in Venice but worked in his native town of Bassano, where he ran a workshop with his sons Francesco, Gerolamo, and Leandro. Jacopo and Francesco collaborated closely in the mid-1570s, especially on medium-sized compositions for private collections, such as this work, signed by both artists on the base of the column at left. Several copies and other versions of this work attest to the popularity of the subject.