Plan a Visit for Your School Group

We invite you to bring your students for a visit, free of charge!

Exploring art through careful observation and personal—as well as communal—meaning-making supports the personal growth of each student and reinforces important cognitive skills that are necessary for 21st- century success. The Museum offers different visit topics and formats to meet the needs of your students. Select the option that best fits your students’ needs. 

Plan or Register for Professional Development

Bring the world of art to the classroom with the Museum's teacher workshops and events. Programs offer innovative methods to connect art at the MFAH with teaching and learning. Choose a variety of curriculum-relevant experiences including evenings at the Museum, day-long workshops for small groups, or larger conferences that are all designed for you to think about teaching practice, meet with colleagues, and share ideas for teaching with art.

Explore Resources Through the Kinder Foundation Education Center

The Kinder Foundation Education Center (KFEC) is the MFAH education department’s hub for all interpretive resources and materials and serves as the main source of information on the museum’s collection for the public.

Getting the Most Out of Your Museum Visit

Preparing your students for their Museum visit, being active in designing the visit, and reflecting back on the visit in the classroom maximize the museum experience for students' learning.