Planned Giving / Legacy Gifts

Including the MFAH in your legacy plan will ensure that the Museum can continue its mission of excellence in collecting, exhibiting, preserving, conserving, and interpreting art for all people. Your future gift may provide unrestricted financial support, or strengthen a specific area of your own interest such as the Museum’s endowment, Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens, Rienzi, the Glassell School of Art, conservation, or one of the Museum’s curatorial departments. These gifts have a lasting impact and inspire future generations.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to make a planned gift to the MFAH that may provide benefits to you and the Museum, including:

  • Naming the Museum in a living will or trust
  • Designating life insurance proceeds or donating an insurance policy
  • Making the MFAH a beneficiary of your retirement plan, IRA, 401(k), or 203(b)
  • Establishing a charitable trust with the MFAH
  • Transferring real estate to the MFAH through a life estate
  • Promising a gift of a work (or works) of art that the Museum has agreed to accept

Named Endowments

An endowment fund is a protected investment principal in which withdrawals from the invested capital are used to support general or a specific purpose. The MFAH offers many opportunities to contribute to existing endowments and to establish new named endowments. Gifts of $25,000 or more allow you to establish a permanent endowment fund to support a specific area of interest in perpetuity. Endowment funds may be named for the donor, or for someone the donor wishes to honor or memorialize, creating lasting and meaningful tributes.


To begin a confidential conversation about a special gift to the MFAH, please contact:

Valerie Greiner, CFRE
Senior Development Officer, Special Gifts

Phone: 713.353.1587  
Mobile: 832.655.5803 
Fax: 713.639.7595
Mailing address: MFAH, P.O. Box 6826, Houston, Texas 77265

All inquiries are confidential and will not obligate you to complete a gift.  Please consult your advisers when considering your philanthropic objectives.

Myrtle Wreath Society

Formed in 2009 to thank friends who make plans for a legacy gift for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, this group now numbers more than 160. Society members enjoy an invitation to an annual luncheon, invitations to exclusive programs, and recognition on the wall of the museum and in selected publications. No dues or fees are necessary to participate in the Myrtle Wreath Society, but there is an enrollment process. Print an enrollment card or contact Valerie Greiner at or 713.353.1587 with any questions.

Of the vast treasures in the MFAH’s collections, the exquisite Greek Myrtle Wreath, a gift of Miss Annette Finnegan in 1937, was carefully selected to represent the Society and its members.  In ancient Greece, victorious soldiers, athletes, and participants in festival processions wore wreaths fashioned from intertwined leaves. By the Hellenistic period (330–30 BC) the wreaths were made of gold foil; too fragile to be worn, they were created primarily to be buried with the dead as symbols of life’s victories. This exquisite gold wreath embodies the past, present, and future victories of all involved in the MFAH and crowns the heroic friends who comprise the Myrtle Wreath Society.

Ima Hogg Society

This Society recognizes and celebrates those who remember Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens in their wills and estate plans. Although included in the Myrtle Wreath Society, Ima Hogg Society members also enjoy additional exclusive programs and benefits at Bayou Bend. No dues or fees are necessary to participate in the Ima Hogg Society, but there is an enrollment process. Print an enrollment card or contact Valerie Greiner at or 713.353.1587 with any questions.

In 1957, Ima Hogg bequeathed her historic home, collection of American decorative arts, and expansive gardens to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. This remarkable gift is now regarded as one of the finest house museums in the world; its benefactor serves as the inspiration for the Ima Hogg Society.

Members of the Planned Giving Societies at the MFAH

Myrtle Wreath Society
Anonymous Donors (18)
Russell and Sandy Andorka
Diane Arnold & Bill Frazier
Audrey Jones Beck *
Margaret E. Biehl *
Rick Bihner
Dorothy B. Black
Jack S. Blanton, Sr. *
Dr. Michael and Susan Bloome +
Jessie Carolyn Brown and Jack Harold Upton Brown + *
Leslie and Brad Bucher +
Hiram Butler
Rose Marie Byrne *
Frank N. Carroll +
Elizabeth H. Caselli *
Fredricka Crain *
Michael W. Dale
John Blodgett Davis + *
James J. Deegan +
Diana do Carmo
Leonora De Grasse *
Mr. Stan Druck
Shirley S. Druggan
Mrs. Wayne B. Duddlesten
Jeaneane Booth Duncan + *
Deborah DeFord Dunkum +
John R. Eckel, Jr. *
Charles Emrich +
John Eymann
Lorraine and David Frazier
Marilyn Jane Fedder *
Linda K. Finger + *
Richard E. Fluhr and Rodolfo Hernandez, Jr.
H.J. (Joe)* and Aggie Foster
Eileen B. Glaser
Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. + *
Clare Attwell Glassell +    
Marc P. Gordon    
Samuel F. Gorman +
Valerie B. Greiner    
Dr. Ellen R. Gritz    
Nora Grossman
Nancy Guinee
Jas A. Gundry +
Luis A. Gutierrez
William C. Hauber *
George S. Heyer, Jr. *
Marjorie G. Horning +
Dr. Ira Jackson *
Virginia Hartle Jackson *    
Dr. Lamar and Jane Jackson Charitable Remainder Trust +
Nancy Glanville Jewell +
A. Clark Johnson +
Drs. Rita and Blair* Justice +
Kathryn and James Ketelsen    
Mr. Jarrod S. Klawinsky     
Andrius R. Kontrimas +    
Mr. and Mrs. Vahid Kooros +
Mary Lynch Kurtz *
Margo Lamb *
Caroline Wiess Law *
Jana Vander Lee
Mark Lensky *
Richard D. Lester
Elsie Lieskovsky *    
Michael C. Linn +    
Patricia G. Linn *
Eric R. Liston
Mr. and Mrs. Meredith J. Long +
Christopher H. Loo, M.D., Ph.D.
John Andrew MacMahon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Malbin +
Mike and Mickey Marvins
Mrs. Frances P. Marzio +    
Dr. Peter C. Marzio + *
Lori Lynn and Marcel Mason +
Kate Hilton McConnico    
Kay McKeough
Allen McReynolds
Gary Mercer
Sara and Bill Morgan    
Joan Morgenstern
Mrs. S.I. Morris
Charles A. Morse *    
Celia and James Munisteri    
Franci Neely
Edward Oppenheimer, Jr. *    
Mary Lawrence Porter +    
Amy M. Purvis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Randall III
Minnette Robinson +
Arthur D. Robson, Jr. + *
Milton D. Rosenau, Jr.    
Diane and Ron Sandberg +
Linda A. Sarandrea    
Marc Schindler +
Alice C. Simkins
William J. Sloughter *
William R. and Anita J. Snell    
Charlotte H. Stafford +
Levi Alvin Stark, Jr. + *
William F. Stern *
Catherine Stevenson
Carol Ann Straus *
Harold Jack Tausend, M.D. *
Charlene Thompson *
Gary Tinterow
Dr. Robert and Fiona Toth
Ann G. Trammell +
Jana Vander Lee
Suneeta and Nanik Vaswani    
Margaret Waisman, M.D.    
Thomas Barry Walker *
Ralph Wallingford +*
Michael Weller
Dorothy S. and Robert D. Wells
Herbert C. Wells *
Jane Day Westerfield +*
Eleanor L. Williams    
Isabel B. Wilson + *
Jeanie Kilroy Wilson +
Gabriel Wisdom
Daisy S. Wong
John C. Wynne *
John L. Zipprich II

Ima Hogg Society
Anonymous Donors (2)
Marie Sharpe Blaine +
Bonnie Campbell +
Evelyn Houstoun Chew +
Marie and John Houser Chiles
Elinor M. Christian +
Lacy Crain +
Mary Frances Couper *
Sharon G. Dies
O. B. Dyer +*
Martha Erwin +
Richard E. Fluhr and Rodolfo Hernandez, Jr.
Debbie and Gary Gibson +
Susanne M. Glasscock +
Jas A. Gundry +
Cynthia G. Holliday +
Nancy Glanville Jewell +
A. Clark Johnson +
Carolyn Frost Keenan +
Kathy Lee Kennedy
Elsie Layton
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Y. Marchand +
Laura Sue H. McMurrey *
Susan Morrison
Mrs. Robert V. Nelson, Jr. +
Susan Neptune +
Sara M. Peterson +
Marc Schindler +
Mr. and Mrs. Morin Montagu Scott, Jr. +
Alice C. Simkins
Francita Koelsch Ulmer +
Mrs. Dewitt Untermeyer + *
Ralph Wallingford + *
Toni Wallingford +
David B. Warren +
Michael Weller
Mrs. Sara E. White
Barbara Graham Williams +
Lora Jean (Jeanie) Kilroy Wilson +
Sally and Denney Wright

*gift matured
+charter member

as of 5/10/2016

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