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  1. #MeetTheHabsburgs

    Jun 10, 2015 - Emperor Charles V (c. 1555) Charles V became emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1519, after the death of his grandfather, Emperor Maximilian I. This idealized image in bronze was intended to show Charles V as eminently powerful. Imitating the depiction of emperors in classical antiquity, the bust is held up by an eagle, as well as by Mars, the Roman god of war, and Minerva, goddess of wisdom—quite an illusion given that Charles V suffered from gout and

  2. Universal Pictures: Celebrating 100 Years

    department is supported by Tenaris; The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; The Consulate General the Republic of Korea; Nina and Michael Zilkha; the National Film Preservation Foundation; Franci and Jim Crane; James V.

  3. Julien Temple

    The MFAH film department receives additional generous support from Tenaris; Gensler; Salle and James Vaughn; The ILEX Foundation; James V. Derrick; Franci Neely; and Lynn S. Wyatt.

  4. In the Beginning

    Nov 3, 2011 - Believe me, ever since the 1993 federal ruling in Armstrong v. Executive Office of the President, “better men” than I have been working on it.

  5. Virtual Cinema | A Nostalgic Look at Video Stores

    Oct 10, 2020 - The advent of digital streaming eventually drove national chains and mom-and-pop video stores out of business, but A/V Plus survived longer than most. Berg died in 2009, and Gee closed the store in October 2012.

  6. Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: A Rare Sampler from the Bayou Bend Collection

    Sep 19, 2018 - A few other letters are completely missing, including W, which was not yet part of the Spanish alphabet, and U, which was represented by the letter V.

  7. Capturing “Inverted Worlds”: A Talk with Vera Lutter

    Feb 8, 2016 - Vera Lutter, Times Square, New York, V: July 31, 2007, 2007, gelatin silver print, collection of the artist, courtesy Gagosian Gallery. © Vera Lutter.

  8. “Habsburg Splendor: Masterpieces from Vienna’s Imperial Collections” Opens at the MFAH in June

    May 13, 2015 - Highlights include: • Armor of Emperor Maximilian I (c. 1492) made by Lorenz Helmschmid • Bronze bust of Emperor Charles V (c. 1555) by Leone Leoni • A rock crystal goblet made for Emperor Frederick III (1400–1450) GOLDEN Under Frederick’s son Maximilian I and his successor, Charles V, the Habsburgs achieved world-power status, assuming the title of emperor without papal consent and enfolding Spain and Burgundy into the Habsburg-controlled territories

  9. Masterworks by Michelangelo and his contemporaries on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, in March 2018

    Jan 31, 2018 - Charles III of Spain) planned a hunting lodge on Capodimonte Hill, but built instead a grand palace in which to house the fabulous Farnese art collection which he had inherited from his mother, Elizabetta Farnese, wife of Philip V

  10. New Year Reflections

    Dec 30, 2011 - Additionally, the Archives maintains the Architectural drawing collection, the Archival photography collection, and the A/V collection of lectures, oral histories and performances.