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  1. Glassell Junior School


    January 24, 2023
    Due to inclement weather, afternoon classes for the 

  2. Kinder Institute Forum | Ruth J. Simmons

    April 12, 2023 The Kinder Institute Forum presents Ruth J. Simmons, a leading voice in higher education. She is joined in conversation by Ruth N. López Turley, director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research. --

    About Ruth J. Simmons
    Ruth J. Simmons serves as President of Prairie View A&M University. She was President of Brown University from 2001-2012. About the SpeakerRuth J. Simmons is a president’s distinguished fellow at Rice University.

  3. Radical Ink: “Beautifully Packed Dynamite” of El Techo de la Ballena

    Jan 9, 2019 - Edmundo Aray and Rodolfo Izaguire foldout designed for El Techo de la Ballena, Rayado sobre el techo (Scratched on the Roof), n° 2, May 1963, Hirsch Library, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  

  4. I vitelloni

    I vitelloniDirected by Federico Fellini(Italy/France, 1953, Italian with English subtitles) Federico Fellini’s I vitelloni follows a group of male friends drifting through the last scraps of their youth in an Italian coastal city

  5. MFAH Films: Hollywood’s “Pre-Code” Era

    Jul 7, 2019 - Prior to my internship at the MFAH, I wrongly believed that all mainstream films before 1960 were products of an era of censorship. I was unaware that large-scale, Hollywood-backed films could be raunchy, crass, and edgy. Veteran film critic J. Hoberman calls Goldstein a “cine-showman extraordinaire,” and you can see why when Goldstein visits Houston for opening weekend of the series. Many of the movies in this series feature love triangles, women with sexual autonomy, and men with overactive sex drives—betraying the sanctity of marriage without apology. 2) “Obscenity in word, gesture, reference, song

  6. Family, Community & Short Films: A Project Row Houses / MFAH Collaboration

    Ryan N. Dennis, curator & programs director at PRH, co-programmed this film series.  Read an overview of the series.

  7. MFAH Presents “Multiplicity: Blackness in Contemporary American Collage” in February 2024

    Nov 2, 2023 - Anita N. HOUSTON—November 2, 2023—The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, will present the exhibition Multiplicity: Blackness in Contemporary American Collage from February 18 to May 12, 2024. Richard J. Powell, John Spencer Bassett Professor of Art and Art History at Duke University; Dr. Patricia Hills, professor emerita of American Art at Boston University; Dr. Tiffany E.

  8. Kid Flicks 2

    Kid Flicks 2 is designed for ages 8 and up. Plan Your VisitAdmission is free. Seating available on a first-come, first-served basis. Kid Flicks 2 Program Eid Mubarak (USA) Mall Stories: Attila the Grilla (USA) Architect A (Korea) Gugu naGogo (Australia) The Dance (Colombia)  For film descriptions and more details, see the full lineup here.

  9. Rohmer X 2

    Eric Rohmer (1920–2010), a co-founder of the French New Wave, directed over 50 films, in addition to garnering acclaim as a critic and novelist. Among the tributes that poured in upon his death early last year was one from …

  10. Rivette X 2

    A belated tribute to French filmmaker Jacques Rivette, who turned 85 earlier this year, includes the discovery of a film never released in the U.S. and a new print of his enigmatic epic. …