The Glassell School of Art is a part of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and as such complies with all policies and procedures of the MFAH, as appropriate, for the proper administration and management of the School. The School reserves the right to amend, add, and delete policies and regulations as necessary, as well as the right to change programs, dates, personnel, and fees noted in this schedule.

Note: The Glassell School of Art is NOT a licensed day-care facility or child-care center.

By enrolling in the program, students and their guardians acknowledge and agree that any photos, videos, pictorial images, voice recordings, or quotations taken or created by the MFAH (including without limitation any taken by any photographer or videographer paid by or volunteering for the MFAH) during or relating to the course are the sole property of the MFAH and may be used in future publications, web pages, promotions, advertisements, and exhibitions of the School or the MFAH or any other person authorized to use such images by the School or MFAH without the need of additional permission from or consideration to the student or guardian.

By enrolling in the program, students and their guardians agree to release and waive for the student and anyone claiming through the student, all claims based on the right of privacy, right of publicity, moral rights, or any other intellectual property rights related to the rights granted by the student to the MFAH.

Full Classes

The School reserves the right to cancel courses that are undersubscribed and to determine the point at which a course is considered to be full. After a course is filled, no additional students will be accepted. Class size is limited in every class and in all age groups. If a class is full when your registration arrives, you will be notified immediately at the phone number or e-mail address you provide on the registration form. If you included a second-choice class that is available, you will automatically be placed in the second choice without a phone call or e-mail notification.

Cancellations, Changes, and Refunds

No refunds are issued after the start date of the classes for which you registered. No refunds are issued for “no-shows.” 

Only written requests for cancellations and class changes (where space is available) are accepted. Written notification can either be e-mailed to or faxed to 713.639.7717 during Junior School business hours.

A 70% refund of tuition is given for class cancellations if written notice is received 10 business days prior to the first class meeting. Without 10 business days’ written notice, total tuition is forfeited.

Registrations received less than 10 business days prior to the first class meeting, including same-day registrations, are considered final and are nonrefundable.

Check refunds are processed after all classes have met twice. Approximately 10 to 14 days after paperwork is transferred to the accounting department, refund checks are mailed.


All children attending classes in the 4–6 age group must be escorted to the classroom by their parent/guardian for each class meeting and will not be released to a sibling. Children attending classes in the 6–8 age group and older may be dropped off no more than 15 minutes early at the covered door located near the corner of Bayard and Bartlett streets (entrance on Berthea). Junior School staff are unable to supervise and will not be held responsible for children dropped off more than 15 minutes prior to the start of classes.

Pickup Policy

Every Junior School student must be picked up by a parent or authorized adult caregiver no later than 15 minutes after the student’s class ends. Neither the School nor its staff can be held responsible for students who are not picked up within this 15-minute window. Students must be picked up at the covered door near the corner of Bayard and Bartlett streets. Students are not allowed to walk through the parking lot without a parent or guardian. In the event that you have a personal emergency and are unable to arrive on time, you must call the Junior School office at 713.639.7700.

Carpool Procedure

Students enrolled in the 6–8 age group and above may be dropped off and picked up at the covered door located near the corner of Bayard and Bartlett (entrance on Berthea). Please place the carpool ID tag provided with your child’s confirmation in the front right window of your vehicle. Students will not be allowed to enter a car that does not have the ID tag clearly displayed.


Parking is not allowed curbside at the student drop-off area. Free parking is available in the ground-level parking lot adjacent to the Junior School entrance. Space is limited. Street parking is available in the surrounding neighborhood. Observe and comply with all “No Parking” signs and regulations when parking on the street.


The School encourages its students to leave all valuables and all personal or sentimental items at home. The MFAH is not responsible for loss of or damage to a student’s valuables or personal items.


The School reserves the right to remove students from classes for behavior that is deemed to be rude, disruptive, inappropriate, dangerous, or in violation of school health and safety regulations. Individual instructors maintain the right to dismiss a student from a class with a prior warning, and to remove a student permanently from a class for repeated offenses. In the event of ongoing behavior problems, the student will be dismissed from the School with no refund and no access to further programming. Students may also be dismissed for nonpayment of any tuition or fees.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, the School makes every effort to make an announcement about class cancellations as quickly as possible. In general, the Junior School follows weather closures as posted by the Houston Independent School District. Information regarding Junior School class cancellations will be available in a recorded message at 713.639.7700, at the MFAH homepage, and posted at the School when possible. If a class is canceled due to inclement weather, there are no refunds or make-ups.


In order to protect the health of all, the School prohibits students from attending class when ill with a communicable disease or condition such as chicken pox, the flu, head lice, pink eye, or strep throat. The School reserves the right to notify parents/guardians regarding any student who becomes ill during class and to request that said student be picked up immediately. The School also reserves the right to request a physician’s authorization for return to class.

Information Release

Photographs and other personally identifiable information, such as age or name, may be published by the Junior School or MFAH in any future publications, web pages, promotions, advertisements, or exhibits. By enrolling in the program, parents/guardians agree to release the Junior School and its agents and waive for the student all claims based on right of privacy or publicity and any other intellectual property rights. Parents/guardians may opt-out of this information release without affecting their child’s enrollment in the Junior School by requesting an Information Release Form from a Junior School administrator.

Medications and Allergies

Junior School faculty and staff are prohibited from administering medication to children and the School does not permit medication (OTC or prescription) on campus with the exception of emergency medications. Emergency medications are defined as (1) EpiPens and (2) asthma inhalers. Please visit an administrator at the Junior School office at least two (2) weeks before the student starts classes so that the School may prepare appropriately. Please note: The School office will not accept medications without a prescription or medications that have expired.

Parents/Guardians are always welcome to remain on-site and may visit their child at any time to administer necessary medications. The School also encourages you to consult with your child’s physician to adjust medication dosages appropriately to accommodate the class schedule.

For those students with food allergies, please note that Junior School faculty and staff do not monitor what other children bring on campus for snacks and cannot guarantee a nut-free environment.

Use of Facilities

The School facilities are for use only by registered students. Outside visitors, including former students, are not permitted to use any of the facilities or equipment under any circumstances. Visitors are not permitted in classrooms.

Waiver and Release of Liability

Although the MFAH hopes that no student is ever injured or hurt, injuries are a possibility of participation in the Junior School. The risk of injuries is a risk that the students and/or their legal guardian voluntarily agree to assume in exchange for the privilege of participating in the Junior School. The students and/or their legal guardian understand and agree that this risk is not a risk that the MFAH assumes and that the MFAH is not responsible for any injuries to the students. Accordingly, the student and their legal guardian voluntarily release, discharge, and waive the right to sue the MFAH and its directors, trustees, officers, employees, volunteers, agents and all persons acting by, through, under, or in concert with the MFAH for any and all losses, demands, claims, suits, causes of action, liability, costs, expenses, and judgments whether arising in equity, at common law, or by statute, under the law of contracts, torts, or property, for personal injury (including without limitation emotional distress), arising in favor of the guardian, the student, or anyone claiming through us based upon, in connection with, relating to or arising out of, directly or indirectly, the student’s participation in the Junior School EVEN IF ANY SUCH CLAIMS ARE DUE TO THE RELEASED PARTIES’ OWN NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY WITHOUT REGARD TO FAULT, VIOLATION OF STATUTE, OR OTHER FAULT, INCLUDING ANY NEGLIGENT ACT, OMISSION, OR INTENTIONAL ACT INTENDED TO PROMOTE MY CHILD’S SAFETY OR WELL-BEING.

The student and/or legal guardian hereby grants permission to MFAH to obtain emergency medical treatment for the student if the MFAH deems in its discretion that such emergency medical treatment is necessary.


What should my child wear to art class?
Wear comfortable clothes that can get messy. Please be sure to stop by the front desk and ask about Junior School aprons and T-shirts!

What are the behavior expectations for art-class participants?
Students are expected to listen, follow instructions, participate in class activities, respect others, respect property, and have fun!

Does the Junior School provide before-class or after-class supervision?
No, there is no before- or after-class supervision available for this semester. Children may be dropped off no earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled class time and must be picked up promptly after class.

May I stay in the classroom with my child?
We ask that parents do not stay in the classroom. Independent learning and socialization are an essential part of their art class experience. If you feel your child is unable to remain in the classroom for more than a few minutes without you, you may want to enroll in a parent/child class. The Junior School offers a variety of parent/child classes and workshops. See the front office for details.

May I register a gifted child for an older age group?
Age requirements are strictly enforced and cannot be negotiable. All children must be registered in their correct age groups.

Can I leave my child at the drop-off door at class time?
• Children ages 4 to 6 must be dropped off at the classroom each class meeting. Learn more about parking options for Junior School parents.
• Children ages 7 & older may use the covered drop-off at the corner of Bayard and Bartlett streets (entrance on Berthea). Please refer to the map on the back cover of the parent information packet.

Does the Junior School have change for the vending machine?
Our front desk does not have change on hand. Please send change with your child for the vending machine.

A friend/relative is visiting from out of town. May he/she attend class as a guest with my child?
Only registered participants may attend class. Guests are not allowed in the classroom.