About the Junior School

The Glassell Junior School is an art school for young people, devoted to nurturing creativity and dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the arts and an awareness of the world. Classes and workshops for children ages 3 to 18 are offered year-round. A distinguishing feature of classes at the Junior School is ready access to works of art in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Classes are designed to accommodate children of all skill levels and interests. Courses range from drawing, painting, and ceramics to video, animation, and fashion design.

The Junior School maintains an active scholarship program with two annual scholarship events: a portfolio competition for all school-age children, and a sketching competition for ages 10 to 12.

Junior School Facilities

The Glassell School of Art
5101 Montrose Boulevard

In May 2018, the Glassell School of Art opened in its new home: a 93,000-square-foot building designed by Steven Holl Architects. The L-shaped building is constructed from a series of sandblasted, pre-cast concrete panels, alternating with panes of glass, in a rhythm of verticals and slight angles.

• The building fronts onto to The Brown Foundation, Inc. Plaza, which provides ample outdoor space for programs and performances.
• For the first time, all Glassell School of Art students are served under one roof, as the building houses both the Junior School and Studio School, as well as Core Program residents.
• The PNC Roof Garden features a sloping, walkable green roof offering dramatic views of the Museum campus and the city of Houston.
• A street-level café open to students and the public.


Ursula Andreeff
MFA, California Institute of the Arts
BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Carolyn Bolton
MS, University of Houston, Clear Lake
BS, University of Houston

Judi Burton
BFA, University of Houston

Citlaly Estrada
BFA, University of Houston; AA, Houston Community College

Jane French
MFA, University of Houston
BFA, San Francisco Art Institute

Debra Green
M Ed, University of Houston Downtown
BFA, Cornish Allied Art Institute

Vehishta Kaikobad
BA, University of Karachi, Pakistan

Francis Lopez
MFA, Houston Baptist University
BA, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus

Elena Lopez-Poirot
MFA, University of Houston
BFA, University of Texas

Racquel Martinez
AA, Houston Community College

Courtney Maulding
BFA, University of Houston, Clear Lake

Ken Mazzu
MFA, University of Houston
BFA, Lamar University

Katelin Miller
BA Ed, University of Nebraska, Kearney

Keeley Morgan
BFA, University of Texas at Austin

Valerie Nevarez
BA, University of Houston Downtown

Nancy Ofori
BA, California State University Northbridge

Ana Maria Ortiz
BAS, University of Puerto Rico, Recinto de Mayaguez

Eduardo Ortiz
MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design
M Ed, Columbia University
BA, University of Houston

Kealy Racca
BFA, Texas State University

Drew Scott
AB/Neurobiology, Harvard University

Stacy Smith
MFA, Houston Baptist University
BFA, University of Houston

Michael Stovall
BA, University of Arkansas

Ashley Winscott
BS, University of Houston

Claudia Zopoaragon
AA, CE-Art, Bogota, Columbia

The Glassell School of Art receives generous funding from:

The Glassell Family
Daviee-Walters Family Trust 
The Skiles Foundation 
Leslie and Brad Bucher
Sue and Rusty Burnett 
John P. McGovern Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Orton 
Texas Commission on the Arts 
Berman Family Fund 
Nena and David Marsh 
The Powell Foundation
Wells Fargo 
The Coneway Family Foundation
Ms. Priscilla Angly and Mr. Miles Smith
Mrs. Jereann H. Chaney
Barbara and Michael Gamson
Samuel F. Gorman 
Palmer Foundation
Ms. Beth Robertson
Cyvia G. Wolff
Ms. Catherine J. Leachman 
Claire and Doug Ankenman
Melza and Ted Barr
Mrs. Karen A. Bradshaw
Cindy and Larry Burns
Mrs. Jerry Ann Woodfin-Costa and Mr. Victor Costa
Ms. Sara Paschall Dodd
Doggett Family Foundation 
Micahel and Krista Dumas
Julia M. Flowers 
Dr. Cullen K. Geiselman 
Mary and George Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Meredith J. Long
Marilyn G. Lummis
Judy and Rodney Margolis 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott McCool
Ms. Clare T. Casademont and Mr. Michael M. Metz
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nyquist
Ms. Diane B. Padgett
Isla and Tommy Reckling
Diane and John Riley
Pauline and Stephen Smith
Vallette and Russell Windham
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Wise