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  • Rain: Magdalena Fernandez at the Houston Cistern
    #5WomenArtists on View Now March 30, 2017
    As Women’s History Month draws to a close, we remind you to get out and enjoy works of art created by women! This list highlights just five women represented in the MFAH collections, but you’ll find many more as you stroll through the Museum, Bayou Bend, and Rienzi, or browse our online collection. We hope this spotlight helps you answer the question, “Can you name #5WomenArtists?” …
  • Mary J. Greenfield Smith, Woolwork Picture, c. 1843, wool and silk on linen
    Mary J. Greenfield Smith’s Window into American History March 22, 2017

    In 1843, 14-year-old Mary J. Greenfield Smith stitched an elegant woolwork picture in school—surely not imagining that it would end up in a museum’s collection someday.

  • FOR BLOG POST ONLY - Bourgeois
    A Confessional Sculpture by Louise Bourgeois March 15, 2017
    In March, the Museum celebrates Women’s History Month by highlighting works of art that help you answer the question “Can you name #5WomenArtists?” French-American artist Louise Bourgeois (1911–2010) put her emotional life at the center of her art by incorporating autobiographical imagery inspired by childhood trauma. Bourgeois was born in France, where her parents ran a tapestry-restoration …
  • BLOG POST Dumb Girl of Portici - Lois Weber and camera
    Lois Weber & Anna Pavlova, Pioneering Women of Film & Dance March 11, 2017
    Today’s audiences may be surprised to learn that more than a century ago, one of the most highly acclaimed powerhouses of the film industry—entrusted to head the largest production that Universal had ever attempted—was a woman filmmaker. Director Lois Weber was tapped to bring a well-known and loved opera to the big screen, which was as artistically ambitious as it was risky. In celebration of …
  • Ahuja, Off the Edge
    A New Online Exhibition Explores #5WomenArtists March 8, 2017
    We’re celebrating Women’s History Month in March with a new online exhibition that spans the Museum’s collecting areas. Hosted on the Google Art Project, #5WomenArtistsactually features works by 10 female artists of varied generations, nationalities, and schools of art. The exhibition highlights the lasting impact and contributions these women have all made—and continue to make—to the history of …
  • Mutu - End of Carrying All
    Women’s History Month 2017: Celebrating #5WomenArtists—and More March 1, 2017

    Can you name 5 women artists? It’s a provocative, seemingly simple question that has a not-so-simple answer.