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  • Arrieta - El Costeno
    See Glorious Masterpieces from the Hispanic Society Museum & Library May 14, 2021

    If you enjoyed the exhibition Glory of Spain—or if you never had a chance to see it—this one’s for you. Works of art from the Hispanic Society Museum & Library are on loan to the MFAH.

  • Silent Light
    Latin American Favorites from the MFAH Film Department April 28, 2020

    Ray Gomez recommends five standout Latin American films you can enjoy at home. 

  • latin wave 11
    Latin Wave Celebrates 11 Great Years April 21, 2016
    Latin Wave, our biggest annual film festival, returns from April 28 to May 1 with 11 new films from Latin America. Every year is a little different: The 2016 selection has a strong theme of young protagonists coming of age. The teens in Absence, From Afar, I Promise You Anarchy, Ixcanul, and The Second Motherall encounter unique challenges. We get absorbed in their lives, and come to sympathize …