Studio School Student Policies

The Glassell School of Art is part of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH); and as such, complies with all policies and procedures of the MFAH, as appropriate, for the proper administration and management of the school. The school reserves the right to amend, add, and delete policies and regulations as necessary, as well as the right to change programs, dates, personnel, and fees noted in this schedule. Any photos, videos, pictorial images, voice recordings, or quotations taken or created by the MFAH (including without limitation any taken by any photographer or videographer paid by or volunteering for the MFAH) during or relating to the course are the sole property of the MFAH and may be used in future publications, web pages, promotions, advertisements, and exhibitions of the school or the MFAH or any other person authorized to use such images by the school or MFAH without the need of additional permission from or consideration to the student.

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Each student is permitted three (3) absences per semester. Four (4) or more absences may result in dismissal or a grade of F (Fail) if the student fails to complete assignments that were scheduled during the absence(s). Registered students who fail to attend any classes in a given semester will receive a W (Withdrawn) on their transcript. Instructors reserve the right to drop a student who has been absent from the first two (2) class meetings. In this case, refunds and/or credits will not be issued and the student will receive a W on their transcript.


Each studio course requires a minimum of three hours of homework per week. Students enrolled through the University of St. Thomas are expected to produce three hours of additional homework per course to fulfill the credit-hour requirements.


The Glassell School reserves the right to remove students from classes for unsatisfactory achievement, excessive absences, or behavior that is deemed to be rude, disruptive, inappropriate, dangerous, or in violation of school health and safety regulations. Individual instructors maintain the right to dismiss a student from a class with a warning, and to remove a student permanently from a class for repeated offenses. In the event of subsequent behavior problems, the student will be dismissed with no refund and no access to further programming. Students may also be dismissed for nonpayment of any tuition and fees, past or present, and for unlawful possession or use of drugs and/or alcohol.


The Glassell School complies with the Drug-Free Workplace policy of the MFAH. As such, the school reserves the right to remove from the premises any student who is found in possession or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The school reserves the right to permanently bar a student from the premises and the right to notify law-enforcement agencies, based on the nature of the use or possession.


Grades are issued at the end of each semester and are mailed to each student. A student may elect to receive a letter grade or a Pass/Fail (P/F). Students who have chosen Pass/Fail (P/F) grades may petition for letter grades within two years of taking the course. After two years, grades cannot be changed.

Letter Grades

Letter grades range from A to F: A (Excellent), B (Good), C (Average), D (Below Average), and F (Fail). Pluses and minuses may be used with letter grades, with the highest grade given being A.

Incomplete Grades

A notation of I (Incomplete) is given if the student is unable to complete the assignments of the course for reasons beyond the student’s control, including illness. The student must notify the instructor and receive approval to obtain an incomplete. An incomplete must be resolved prior to the start date of the following semester or it becomes an F grade.

Adding Courses

Students may add courses, using the Add/Drop form (available on the Student Forms page or the registrar’s office), if 1) all prerequisites have been completed, and 2) space is available or the instructor has given permission. Students cannot add a course after the second class meeting except with permission of the instructor. Students may adjust their schedules once, after which $50 will be charged for each change.


In order to withdraw from a class, a student must complete the Add/Drop form, available on the Student Forms page or the registrar’s office, and notify the registrar to receive a W (Withdrawn) on their transcript. Learn more about the Studio School’s policies for refunds and cancellations.


Students enrolled in workshops will receive grades of S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory). Satisfactory completion of workshops earns one elective credit hour. Students enrolled in workshops that are six (6) sessions or less will not receive a parking pass for the semester and will be expected to pay the posted parking rates. Please see parking rates here.

Lockers and Personal Property

A limited number of lockers are available in specific classes and designated areas for student use during the registered semester. The school does not guarantee a locker for each student. At registration, the student releases and discharges the school and the MFAH from any liability or claim of liability for any damage to or loss of personal property, including artwork. All artwork and personal property left at the school between semesters is discarded. The school, the MFAH, and their agents or designees are not liable for damage to or loss of personal property left unattended. (Instructors will provide additional information about lockers during course introductions.)


Parking is included in the tuition for in-person studio and art history classes. Students enrolled in online courses or workshops that are six (6) sessions or less will not receive a parking pass for the semester and will be expected to pay the posted parking rates. Parking is available in the MFAH Montrose Garage, which is conveniently located underneath the Glassell School building. Students enrolled in in-person classes will receive a parking pass that is valid for the semester. Students must use the pass provided by the MFAH Parking Office to access free parking in the garage and must use the pass at entry and exit each time they park in the garage facilities. The school does not validate parking nor reimburse parking expenses incurred if students are not using the pass provided to them. Additional parking will be at the student’s own expense and at the posted rates for the MFAH Montrose Garage. The school, the MFAH, and their agents or designees are not liable for damage or loss to vehicles or the contents of vehicles parked in or around designated areas. 


Tuition is due in full at the time of registration. Learn more about payment.

Waiver and Release of Liability

Although the MFAH hopes that no student is ever injured or hurt, injuries are a possibility of participation in the Studio School. The risk of injuries is a risk that the students voluntarily agree to assume in exchange for the privilege of participating in the Studio School. The students understand and agree that this risk is not a risk that the MFAH assumes and that the MFAH is not responsible for any injuries to the students. Accordingly, the student voluntarily releases, discharges, and waives the right to sue the MFAH and its directors, trustees, officers, employees, volunteers, agents, and all persons acting by, through, under, or in concert with the MFAH for any and all losses, demands, claims, suits, causes of action, liability, costs, expenses, and judgments whether arising in equity, at common law, or by statute, under the law of contracts, torts, or property, for personal injury (including without limitation emotional distress), arising in favor of the student, or anyone claiming through us based upon, in connection with, relating to or arising out of, directly or indirectly, the student’s participation in the Studio School EVEN IF ANY SUCH CLAIMS ARE DUE TO THE RELEASED PARTIES’ OWN NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY WITHOUT REGARD TO FAULT, VIOLATION OF STATUTE, OR OTHER FAULT, INCLUDING ANY NEGLIGENT ACT, OMISSION, OR INTENTIONAL ACT INTENDED TO PROMOTE SAFETY OR WELL-BEING. The student hereby grants permission to the MFAH to obtain emergency medical treatment for the student if the MFAH deems in its discretion that such emergency medical treatment is necessary.

Refunds and Cancellations

Learn more about the Studio School’s policies for refunds and cancellations.

Release of Information

The school maintains records for all students, past and present. Student information is released only to the student or designated representative. Designation forms are available as PDFs on the Student Forms page and from the registrar and must be on file for information to be released to anyone other than the student. Exceptions may be made for health and safety emergencies, or to comply with legally issued subpoenas.

Student Age

The school provides art history, workshop, and studio courses for adults. Students must be at least 18 years of age to attend any studio courses or workshops. Students younger than 18 may enroll in courses (offered during the fall and spring semesters) with the permission of their legal guardian and the course instructor. Questions regarding permission may be directed to the dean.


The school is committed to the safety of its students, faculty, and staff. As such, the school has prepared a Health and Safety Manual. This document is available from the administrative offices, and a copy is kept in all studios and classrooms. Students are expected to follow safety procedures as outlined in the manual as well as comply with any safety information distributed by instructors. Students who fail to follow safety instructions may be dismissed from the school, as outlined in the Discipline policy.

Telephone Calls/Messages

Classes are not interrupted for students to receive messages or phone calls. Office phones are not available for student use.


Students requesting transcripts must submit a written request and appropriate payment to the registrar. Transcripts cost $5 per copy. Forms are available as PDFs on the Student Forms page and from the registrar. Transcript requests will not be processed if the student owes any fees.

Students may also mail a request in writing to:
The Glassell School of Art
P.O. Box 6826
Houston, TX 77265-6826

Requests must include the full name of the student, last semester attended, and the full mailing address with zip code for the location(s) where the transcripts are to be sent. Alternatively, the student may pick up transcripts in person. In-person pick-up requests must include a telephone number so that the registrar can contact the student when the transcripts are available. Allow at least 3 business days for transcripts to be completed.

Free Museum Admission

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is the largest art museum in the Southwest, and its encyclopedic collections are an exceptional resource for learning about the visual arts from a worldwide perspective. Studio School students receive free general admission to the Museum (excluding ticketed exhibitions and events).