Admission Guidelines

The Studio School for adults provides instruction and education to student artists at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Students enrolled in Studio School courses are expected to actively participate in their courses and to work toward the improved development of their artistic practices.

Students must be 18 to attend any studio courses or workshops. Students younger than 18 may attend art history courses (offered during the fall and spring semester) with the permission of their legal guardian and the course instructor. Questions regarding permission may be directed to the registrar.

New students wishing to enroll in studio courses must register in person. Registration times and dates may be found on our Academic Calendar.

Students wishing to enroll in art history courses or workshops may do so by returning the appropriate form located here.

Due to class-size limitations, the Studio School does not allow enrollment solely for the use of equipment and facilities, nor offer rental of studio time, equipment, or facilities for working artists. The school uses English as the medium of instruction, and all students are assumed to have proficiency in English, particularly with regard to understanding statements and instructions about safety and equipment operation. Students at advanced levels looking to work independently must have faculty approval for their projects and be registered for either advanced-level courses or independent study.

Tuition, Fees, and Discounts

The Glassell School of Art does not offer payment plans. Tuition and fees are due in full at the time of registration. Workshops are priced individually.

Tuition covers the costs of the class, including all lab, registration and technology fees.  The amount paid by the students covers equipment use and maintenance in all studios; as well as chemicals and other supplies, including but not limited to: photography chemicals, ceramic glazes, printmaking inks, live model fees, hazardous waste disposal, and miscellaneous supplies. Personal supplies such as clay, canvas, paints, photographic paper, brushes and tools are not included in this amount. Supply lists are provided by instructors at the first class meeting.

MFAH members at the Patron level and above make take 10% off the tuition of one (1) course per semester. Discount applies to one (1) studio or art history course per student, per semester, and is available to up to 2 adult members in the named member household.  Member discounts are not available for workshops.  Please contact for more information.

Tuition for Full-Time Students
4 Studio Courses $2,240
1 Art History & 3 Studio Courses $2,080
Tuition for Part-Time Students
Studio Course - 3 hours $700
Art History Course $500


Faculty Counseling and Placement

Faculty counseling is held for three (3) days prior to the start of each semester in order to place students into courses commensurate with experience and skills. This period provides each student with the opportunity to discuss goals with a faculty member who evaluates the student’s experience based on a portfolio review, a Glassell School academic record, or a transcript from another institution.

Transfer Students

Students wishing to transfer credits from other institutions must submit official transcripts and a portfolio for review. Portfolios should be submitted during registration to be reviewed during faculty counseling. Official transcripts must be provided no later than one month after the end of the semester’s registration period. Students who do not furnish transcripts by this deadline are dropped from all classes with no tuition refund. Transfer credit is evaluated on a case-by-case basis upon review by a faculty counselor, in conjunction with the registrar’s review of the student’s transcript.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Glassell School of Art is thankful for the generous support of many foundations and individuals. Each year, their support enables the Glassell School of Art to offer scholarships to qualified students at the Studio School.

Scholarships are awarded based on portfolio review by a faculty jury. Scholarship application forms are accepted for fall and spring semesters from continuing students. The school does not offer any scholarships for the summer term. The school does not offer any need-based financial assistance.

For more detailed information on application and award procedures, including upcoming deadlines, call 713.639.7500.

Studio School Scholarships

Audrey Jones Beck Memorial Scholarship, Carol Crow Memorial Scholarship, William Dennard Memorial Scholarship, Frank Freed Memorial Scholarship, R. T. Lober Memorial Scholarship, Van McFarland Memorial Scholarship, Richard A. Meyers Memorial Scholarship, Alice Javier Morrill Memorial Scholarship, Helen Orman Memorial Scholarship, Poteet/Phelan Scholarship, Ary Stillman Scholarship, Swatch Watch Scholarship, and the Ruth Pershing Uhler Scholarship.


All studio courses requiring prerequisites are noted in the description of the course. Students may skip prerequisite courses only if their student file contains one of the following: 1) documentation that the prerequisite was waived by a faculty counselor or 2) a transcript showing that the prerequisite was completed at another institution. Students must repeat any prerequisite courses in which they received grades of W, DR, or F.

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