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The Glassell School of Art Studio School offers courses in art history and studio arts for adults, ages 18 and older. Studio courses and workshops are available in a variety of media, including painting, watercolor, printmaking, photography, ceramics, sculpture, and jewelry. Students at the Studio School of the Glassell School of Art are diverse in background and skill levels. Classes may be taken at the student’s leisure or as part of a more in-depth study through the Certificate of Achievement program. Additionally, many courses may be taken for undergraduate credit as part of the University of St. Thomas’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program. For more details on the Certificate of Achievement program and the University of St. Thomas BFA program, contact the Studio School registrar.

The Glassell School of Art receives generous funding from the Glassell Family; Brad and Leslie Bucher; Mr. William J. Hill; Ms. Bettie Cartwright; Mrs. Jereann H. Chaney; Mr. and Mrs. Jamal H. Daniel; Kathrine G. McGovern; Mr. and Mrs. John S. Orton; The Brown Foundation, Inc.; Sue and Rusty Burnett; Mr. and Mrs. B. Walter Crain III; Sara Paschall Dodd; Barbara and Michael Gamson; Ms. Carroll R. Goodman; Mr. and Mrs. David Marsh; Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Palmer; Mr. and Mrs. Jacque H. Passino, Jr.; Ms. Nancy Powell Moore; Adrienne and Tim Unger; Paul A. Van Hook; Claire and Doug Ankenman; Mrs. Karen A. Bradshaw; Mr. Steve Brown; Dr. Mirtha T. Casimir and Mr. Jack McKinley; Mr. Samuel F. Gorman; George and Mary Hawkins; Ms. Catherine J. Leachman; Mr. and Mrs. Meredith J. Long; Mr. and Mrs. William K. Matthews III; Mr. and Mrs. Scott McCool; Ms. Clare T. Casademont and Mr. Michael M. Metz; Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nyquist; The Omena Fund; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Reckling III; H. John and Diane M. Riley; Mrs. Henry K. Roos; Pauline and Stephen Smith; Vallette and Russell Windham; Mr. and Mrs. William A. Wise; and Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn L. Wolff.

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