Maria Bang Espersen

Maria Bang Espersen’s installations question the creation of political identities and the hierarchies established by fictionalized narratives. She has a MFA from California Institute of the Arts and has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe. She has participated in numerous residencies at institutions in both Europe and the United States, including the National Glass Center in Sunderland, United Kingdom, and S12 in Bergen, Norway.

“My projects are conceptual, poetic and aesthetic responses to current political situations, combined with metonymic use of the content in question. My work is direct, yet it encourages critical reflection and active participation from any viewer. My questions about contemporary issues are presented either through the use of metaphors or through analogies to past historical periods.” —Maria Bang Espersen

Shana Hoehn

Shana Hoehn creates videos and installations that are informed by the implicit order and decorum inside spaces that imply a form of social regulation. She received her BFA in painting from Maryland Institute College of Art and her MFA in sculpture and extended media at Virginia Commonwealth University. Hoehn has participated in residencies such as the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Acre Residency, and SOMA Summer. Hoehn is a recipient of a Fulbright Research Fellowship in Mexico and an Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant from Canada. 

“The protagonists in my work are the spaces themselves. I think about the aesthetic and behavioral expectations of these sites— a hospital, a life drawing session, an office party, a water treatment plant, a cafe, a construction site— and I fuse these different environments to each other through a shared psychological space. The alien(ating) camerawork allow spaces of hospitality and commerce to be seen anew; performances of polite gestures become violent and tender. Female rage, crashes, noise, technology blunders, scars, and tattoos infect these institutions of authority. My constructed universes parallel the contrivances within our own world—how we organize ourselves and reinforce systems designed to maintain a status quo. And moreover, they also show how we attempt to disrupt and find agency within these systems.” —Shana Hoehn

Devin Kenny

Devin Kenny is an artist, musician, and writer concerned with connectivity as a material via technology and culture. Raised on the South Side of Chicago, he relocated to New York as a teenager to begin his studies at Cooper Union. He has continued his practice through the Bruce High Quality Foundation University, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, SOMA Mexico, and performances at various art and music venues in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and beyond. He received his MFA in 2013 from the New Genres department at UCLA and is an alum of the Whitney Independent Study Program.

“My work looks at the way inequality and privilege, inclusivity and exclusivity impact one’s worldview and how that perspective impacts the reading of visual culture, including art.  My way of looking is directly related to the supposed leveling and democratizing that the ‘information superhighway’ provides and is connected to the way I became engaged with art and other works of culture via mediation, and the special kind of ‘down-the-rabbit hole’ type of research facilitated online and also informed by modernist and postmodern, and contemporary art discourses.” —Devin Kenny

Yue Nakayama

Yue Nakayama’s work is concerned with everyday incidents and archived newspaper articles. Stories told by authority, stories told by strangers on the street, and stories told by herself are combined into video, audio, and performance pieces. Alienation and existential contemplation about human being are frequent subjects. She received her MFA from University of Pennsylvania and her BFA from Denison University. Nakayama also participated in Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Her works have been shown at ICA Philadelphia, Tiger Strikes Asteroid at Satellite Project in Miami, and MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles.

“We are living in an informational age. At least that is what we have been informed by the media. The World Wide Web was invented in 1989 when the Berlin wall was falling and Taylor Swift was being born. Was that a coincidence? Can such revolutionary incidents happen simultaneously within a same year? How do we connect them together? I’m interested in the ways stories are told, collected, and recorded together to make a history. I’m attracted to the relationship between art and journalism. I fantasize speculative journalism in artistic form. Numberless truths are being told from different media and sources every day.” —Yue Nakayama

Felipe Steinberg

Felipe Steinberg’s work proposes considerations on constructed meanings of the local and the global. His projects promote actions of de-contextualization/re-contextualization within social spaces and interpersonal encounters by the use of various types of media and systems of circulation – labor, goods, affects, populations and information. He attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2014 and received his MFA from SAIC in 2016. Exhibitions and participations include Anthology Film Archives in New York, Grimm Museum in Berlin, SESC, and Museu Oscar Niemeyer in Brazil.

“I am concerned with society as an ensemble of social relationships: objective relations, which exist 'independently of individual consciousness and will'. In my work, crossings between specific contexts and general abstract ones are promoted through de-contextualization and re-contextualization. My aim is to look and register the meanings those interactions produces.” —Felipe Steinberg

Elizabeth Webb

Elizabeth Webb is an artist and filmmaker whose work is invested in the politics of representation and positionality, often using the lens of her own family history of migration and racial passing to explore larger, systemic constructs. She has screened and exhibited in the United States, Canada, Japan, Ecuador, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Austria, and Germany, and was a recipient of the inaugural Allan Sekula Social Documentary Award in 2014. She holds a dual MFA in film/video and photography/media from California Institute of the Arts, and a BA in art history and studio art from the University of Virginia. She participated in the Whitney Independent Study Program in 2016–2017.

“My work is invested in the politics of representation; that is, the ways in which we position ourselves in relation to others, the ways we are positioned by others, and how these different positions are made visible (or invisible) . . . The lens of my own family history of migration and racial passing serves as an entry point in my work for exploring larger, systemic constructs and the renegotiation of their borders.” —Elizabeth Webb

Peng Zuqiang

Peng Zuqiang is a filmmaker. He received his MFA in film and video from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BA from Goldsmiths, University of London. His films have been screened at festivals including DOK Leipzig in Germany, Open City Documentary Festival in London and Encuentros del Otro Cine EDOC in Ecuador.

“Through fieldwork and observations, I work with the less-encountered histories and people. I am interested in the emotive objects captured through lens, details such as a glance, or a gesture that constitute feelings which escape discourses. Working towards a cinema of hesitation and contradictions, my films wish to subtly look into the in-between and the irresolvable instances of daily lives.” —Zuqiang Peng