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Core Program

Core Program | Kara Springer

Kara Springer, A Small Matter of Engineering, 2016. © Kara Springer

Ryan Hawk, Tattoo (study #2), 2019, custom tattooing on silicone rubber, silver piercing stud, synthetic hair, push-pin, ink, and paper. © Ryan Hawk

Irmak Karasu, MAMAVILLE, work in progress, still from HD video. © Irmak Karasu

Niloufar Emamifar, Public Air, 2018. © Niloufar Emamifar

Ryan Hawk, Sweet Surrender, 2018, video, flat-screen monitor, A/V cart, speakers, flower arrangements, rotating LED lights, and cables. © Ryan Hawk

Ryan Hawk, Untitled (blue), 2019, video projection with sound, speakers, carpet, drywall, steel studs, vinyl door strip curtain, neon signage, cables, and hardware. © Ryan Hawk

Irmak Karasu, In passing, 2018. © Irmak Karasu 

Irmak Karasu, MAMAVILLE, work in progress, still from HD video. © Irmak Karasu

Kara Springer, Ten Days Before Freedom (detail), 2018, archival prints in hand-made poplar frames. © Kara Springer

Ryan Hawk, Showcase (Undershirt or Hanes Men’s ComfortSoft® Tank), 2018, silicone rubber with tattoo, synthetic hair, and custom display case. © Ryan Hawk

Niloufar Emamifar, The Impossible Theater (5th Rev. ed.), 2019, still from video installation, In Practice exhibition, SculptureCenter, New York City. © Niloufar Emamifar

Gustavo Gómez-Brechtel, Untitled (Cymbal), 2017, video. © Gustavo Gómez-Brechtel

Shobun Baile, A Conversation on the the 14th Floor, HD video, multichannel audio, headphones, loudspeakers.

Gustavo Gómez-Brechtel, External Affect (detail), 2014, metal sign, light bulbs, extension cords, fountain, generator, LED signs, and spider box. © Gustavo Gómez-Brechtel

Qais Assali, Memoir (detail), 2017, mixed-media installation. © Qais Assali

Gustavo Gómez-Brechtel, Heat Tower (detail), 2016, hot plates, brass objects, and extension cords. © Gustavo Gómez-Brechtel

Qais Assali, if you Like you can show my works in galleries, 2018, 20-minute lecture performance. © Qais Assali

Shobun Baile, The Governors Palace, 2017, digital print on dibond, binaural audio on headphones. © Shobun Baile

Qais Assali, It’s Not About the House, 2019, billboard in Nablus, Palestine. © Qais Assali

Irmak Karasu, In passing, 2018. © Irmak Karasu 

leo, The Library is Open: The Book Club, 2018, altered copy of Emine Özdamar’s Mutterzunge, spoken words, extract of “A descoberta do Mundo” by Clarice Lispector, extract of “Mutterzunge” by Emine Özdamar, pearls, white tights, flowery dress, make up, pumps, wool, black latino queer flesh, 12 min. Photo by Adrian Knuppertz

Established in 1982, the prestigious Core Residency Program at the Glassell School of Art offers postgraduate residencies for art critics and visual artists.

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