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  • GLASSELL COFFEE BAR BLOG POST 2 - Green Matcha Frappe
    Five New Faves at the Glassell Coffee Bar August 30, 2018

    First-time visitor to the Glassell Coffee Bar? Here are our top five picks for keeping cool in Houston weather—and offerings change every day, so you can always come back to sample something new!

  • FOOD TRUCK BLOG - Malcolm and Food Music Life
    Curator of Food Trucks: Malcolm Daniel on Fine Art + Food Trucks October 26, 2017

    Malcolm Daniel, the Museum’s Gus and Lyndall Wortham Curator of Photography, on his secret longing to add “Curator of Food Trucks” to his title.

  • coffee blog - espresso machine
    Roots, Roasting, and Robust Coffee July 7, 2016
    The MFA Café is making a boldstatement with high-quality coffee offerings prepared in the high-tech Victoria Arduino. Who, you may be wondering, is that? It’s not a who—it’s a legendary brand of espresso machines created in Italy, and one of these shiny, shimmering devices lives behind the counter at the MFA Café. The café menu presents 17 types of drinks at the full-service coffee bar, and …