Roots, Roasting, and Robust Coffee July 7, 2016

The MFA Café is making a bold statement with high-quality coffee offerings prepared in the high-tech Victoria Arduino. Who, you may be wondering, is that? It’s not a who—it’s a legendary brand of espresso machines created in Italy, and one of these shiny, shimmering devices lives behind the counter at the MFA Café.

The café menu presents 17 types of drinks at the full-service coffee bar, and that’s is just a starting point. Guests are invited to personalize their coffee or try one of the café’s special offerings, such as a honey-pepper espresso shot or a Nutella latte. The most popular drinks include the cappuccino, caffe latte, and espresso, all of which are made with the café’s fair-trade Attibassi Italian dark-roast coffee beans from Bologna.

A fresh bag of Attibassi coffee beans.

Employees in the MFA Café undergo coffee training in order to ensure visitors always get a five-star beverage. Chelsea Hartman, manager of Rossini Caffè (a sister restaurant to the MFA Café), assists in teaching employees where the beans come from, different roasting methods, and how coffee differs around the world. “Where coffee comes from is important,” she said. “The whole process from tree to cup is amazing.”

Chelsea Hartman creates little coffee miracles at the MFA Café.

Coffee is available in two locations at the Museum. In addition to the outside of the MFA Café in the Beck Building, you can drop by the brand-new Lavazza coffee bar in the lobby of the Law Building on Thursdays–Saturdays, 11 a.m.–2 p.m. The Lavazza station features comfortable tables and chairs where visitors can relax between exploring the galleries. Hook up to the Museum’s free Wi-Fi to look up more info about the art! 

Latte art inspired by the exhibition Kusama: At the End of the Universe.

See hours, menus, and more info for the MFA Café and Lavazza coffee bar.