Family Art Activity: Yarn-Weaving in Large Spaces April 20, 2020

Here’s an engaging in-home art activity the whole family will love. All you need is yarn and a room, and you’re in! MFAH teaching artist Melissa Aytenfisu created this project for her children, inspired by a work from the Museum’s collections: Tanya Aguiñiga’s Mend

How is this activity beneficial for kids and families at home right now?
It’s active and burns off energy. Yarn-weaving engages kids of all ages and is relatively easy to clean up. Plus, it’s very simple to set up, so children can do it on their own without a lot of parental help. Once the kids are busy working on their yarn-weaving, parents can catch their breath for a minute!

Why is this one of your favorite activities to do with your own children?
I especially love doing this project with my 4-year-old son because he’s extremely active. He’s a kinesthetic learner—constantly on the move, and he doesn’t have much of an attention span for anything that requires sitting down. Yarn-weaving is perfect because it harnesses his energy and directs it into an engaging art activity. It introduces him to the concept of weaving and 3-D art, but in an active way. It’s excellent for teaching children about activating large spaces with art installations, while allowing them to move freely without constraints.

How do your kids react when it’s time for yarn-weaving?
My children get excited when they see me pull out the yarn balls. Their enthusiasm is contagious! We’ve done this activity multiple times, and every time they create different shapes, designs, and patterns. Once they finish the weaving, they play in their art installation, pretending it’s a spiderweb, laser beams, or a zip line for their stuffed animals.