My Journey with Flamenco

Experience “My Journey with Flamenco.” This series of virtual performances and interviews is inspired by Glory of Spain: Treasures from the Hispanic Society Museum & Library, an exhibition spanning 4,000 years of Hispanic art and culture. See the varied styles of flamenco—a form of Spanish song and dance based on the music traditions of southern Spain from the 9th to 14th centuries—in videos featuring Ana María Barceló and the founders of Houston flamenco performance company Solero Flamenco: Jeremías García and Irma La Paloma.

Guajiras Flamencas

Guajiras are part of the Cantes de Ida y Vuelta in the flamenco repertoire, an adaptation of El Punto Cubano or Punto Guajiro.

Bulerías del Desenamoro

One of the most popular styles of flamenco is Bulerías. Among the variations that developed in southern Spain are Bulerías de Jerez and Bulerías de Cádiz.

Tangos Flamencos

The origin of tangos flamencos is attributed to a mixture of influences. Music from southern Spain, specifically Cádiz and Sevilla, was transported to the Caribbean, combining with Afro Cuban sounds.

The Art of Flamenco

Watch the interviews below to learn more about flamenco and each performer’s journey with this style of dance.

Ana María Barceló

Jeremías García

Irma La Paloma

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