“Learning Through Art” at Home | Ages 5–11 & Grades K–5

Learning Through Art at Home

Ages 5–11 | Grades K–5

These activities include directions and suggested works of art but can be modified and used with any work of art. The goal is to have fun and be inspired! Search the Learning Through Art online resource to find additional tools and activities, including a zoom button on each work to discover even more details. Select a topic below to download the instructions.

► Bilingual Art-Making Activities
In Spanish and English, try these fun art-making activities using materials you probably have on hand!

► Creating Poems in Shapes
Combine poetry, art, and math.

Sketching Activity Pack
Choose any work from Learning Through Art for these activities. All you need is a pencil, paper, and a sense of humor.

► Using Art to Practice Scientific Methods
There are more similarities than differences in how artists and scientists work than you would expect.

► Ideas to Inspire and Invigorate the Art Classroom
“Making Monsters” | Create a found-object sculpture.
“Printmaking with Found Objects” | Explore printmaking in a contemporary way.

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