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  1. UCLA Festival of Preservation

    Program notes by Jeffrey Bickel, Dan Einstein, Steven K. Hill, Jan-Christopher Horak, Shannon Kelley, Ross Lipman, Mark Quigley, Pauline Stakelon, and Todd Wiener (UCLA Film and Television Archive). 

  2. “Learning Through Art” at Home

     Ages 5–11 | Grades K–5 Fun for elementary-age students. Sketching, poetry, and more!  Ages 12–14 | Grades 6–8 Explore how to connect science, art, poetry, and writing.

  3. “Learning Through Art” at Home | Ages 12–14 & Grades 6–8

    . • See Grades K–5 & Grades 9–12 Questions? Email

  4. Antiquity Revived: Neoclassical Art in the Eighteenth Century

    Generous funding is provided by:                       Lead corporate sponsor:  Birgitt van Wijk                                                    Total Linda K. Finger Luther King Capital Management

  5. Learning Through Art

    Discover how the MFAH collections of world art can be used to connect language arts, social studies, math, science, and art to K–12 students.   See more information about teacher workshops Workshops for K–12 Schools & Districts Learning Through Art at the MFAH connects the Museum’s collections of world art into the classroom curriculum for art, language arts, math, 2018–2021Interconnections: Bridging Teen Learning Ecosystems at the MFAH Teacher Fellows Educator Evaluators Ongoing Workshops at the MFAH The Museum offers a multitude of learning opportunities throughout the year to help K

  6. Heinrich Kühn: The Perfect Photograph

    Alexander K. McLanahan Joan and Stanford Alexander Ms. Carey C. Shuart 

  7. Cosmopolitan Routes: Houston Collects Latin American Art

    Louis K. Adler Puffer-Sweiven / Emerson Process Management Leslie and Brad Bucher Macy´s Mr. Samuel F. Gorman

  8. Texas Clay: 19th-Century Pottery from the Bayou Bend Collection

    Generous funding for the exhibition and publication is provided by: Leslie and Brad Bucher            in memory of Michael K. Brown

  9. Light of the Sufis: The Mystical Arts of Islam

    Martha K. Long

  10. “Learning Through Art” at Home | Ages 15–18 & Grades 9–12

    . • See Grades K–5 & Grades 6–8 Questions? Email