The annual HADA (Houston Antiques Dealers Association) lecture highlights topics in decorative arts and design.


The Annual HADA Lecture receives generous funding from the Houston Antiques Dealers Association Endowment at the MFAH.

Past Events in This Series

A Fan with a Stork Flying Over: The Japanese Impact on American Aesthetics, 1875–1915

This lecture explores the interaction between American and Japanese aesthetics—an attraction of opposites—from the late 19th to early 20th century. 

Annual HADA Lecture “From Castellani to Cartier: The Allure of the Past”

The 19th century was particularly strong in revival-style jewelry, and the tradition continues. This lecture explores the allure of the past and the inspirations for jewelers of yesterday and today.

Annual HADA Lecture “The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s”

Cleveland Museum of Art curator Stephen Harrison takes us on a journey through the unique developments in design, art, architecture, and technology during the Jazz Age.

The 32nd Annual Houston Antiques Dealers Association Lecture “When America Went Modern: Design in the 1920s and 1930s”

Presented by John Stuart Gordon, Benjamin Attmore Hewitt Associate Curator of American Decorative Arts, Yale University Art Gallery. Made possible through proceeds from the Houston Antiques Dealers Association 2014 Spring Antigues Show and Sale, February 14–16, at the George R. Brown Convention Center. See for more information. This lecture explores the varied influences and myths surrounding the appearance of modern decorative arts during the Jazz Age and the popularization of the style during the Depression. The earliest promoters of[…]

HADA Lecture “Ireland on a World Stage, 1690–1840”

Speaker: Christopher Monkhouse, the Art Institute of Chicago. Made possible through proceeds from the Houston Antiques Dealers Association 2013 Spring Antigues Show and Sale, March 22–24. Opening in 2014 at the Art Institute of Chicago, Ireland on a World Stage, 1690–1840 will present 300 objects from public and private collections across North America to provide a rich overview of the Emerald Isle during its first “Golden Age.” The seeds for this exhibition were first planted by historian Desmond FitzGerald, the Knight[…]

The 30th Annual Houston Antiques Dealers Association Lecture “Through the Looking Glass: Framed Elegance in Britain, 1660–1820”

Presented by Tessa Murdoch, acting keeper, department of sculpture, metalwork, ceramics, and glass, Victoria and Albert Museum, London The introduction of the looking glass as a central decorative feature of domestic interior spaces in the mid-17th century transformed the homes of the British elite. The excitement generated by the novelty of reflection led to the creation of glass cabinet rooms, as well as glass-lined music and drawing rooms, with the great London houses leading the way. Some interiors—for example, the Norfolk[…]

The 29th Annual HADA Lecture "Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria"

The 29th Annual Houston Antiques Dealers Association (HADA) Lecture Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria: A Mirror to the World Presented by Judy Rudoe, Assistant Keeper, Jewellery and Decorative Arts, British Museum, London The "age of Victoria" is taken in its widest sense to encompass jewelry from Europe and America, at a time when expanding foreign trade, the new illustrated press, and a growing tourist industry brought jewelry from many parts of the world to a wide audience. Queen Victoria[…]