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Get #trill with Gibson & Join Us on Sundays for “MFAH on the Mat” April 20, 2020

By The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
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MFAH on the Mat | Gibson

MFAH on the Mat | Gibson

MFAH on the Mat | Gibson

MFAH on the Mat | Gibson

Next up on the yoga mat: Gibson with Black Swan Yoga! Here, Gibson tells us how he keeps it #trill and shares a few at-home yoga tips.

Tune in for Gibson’s session in our weekly series “MFAH on the Mat” this Sunday, April 26, at 11 a.m. on Facebook Live.

What inspires you at the MFAH?
One of my favorite hidden gems in town is Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens. It’s great to sit outside by the fountains and bring a sketchbook to draw the pretty scenery.

How do you keep your yoga #trill?
To me, yoga is a moving meditation with breath. Finding the right music combination, or a really great teacher, always helps me keep it #trill.

What advice do you have for practicing yoga at home?
The more you do it, the more rewarding the practice becomes. If you’re new to yoga, take a beginner’s course to learn the lingo, and progress gradually. Tons of free livestreams are happening now. Want more tips? Reach out to teachers you admire.

What are some achievable yoga goals people can set?
Sometimes, showing up can be the hardest part. If you’re having a hard time getting started, just try it one time, maybe once a week. If you enjoy it, do it two times the next week, and three times the following week, etc. If you are already practicing a couple of times a week, take a class from a new instructor to learn new styles.

How would you describe your personal yoga style?
I use yoga as my own way to reset and restore. Yoga gives me strength and confidence, and it helps me breathe deeper and more mindfully than any other activity. I treat each practice uniquely as I explore what’s going on in my body, mind, and soul. Every time I practice, I feel much better after than when I started. I hope you find similar peace from yoga, or any fitness and mindfulness practices you have. Namaste.

Want to see more? Check out “MFAH on the Mat” every Sunday at 11 a.m. on Facebook Live.

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