Family Art Activity: Exploring African Beadwork April 12, 2020

Looking for in-home art activities? We have you covered! The inspiration for this family-friendly art project comes from the “Chief’s Ceremonial Hat” in the MFAH collection of African art. Find out more below from Elizabeth Roath Garcia, studio and gallery programs manager, and get step-by-step instructions here.

The Chief’s Ceremonial Hat is a great work to use for an art-making project—you can go in so many different directions, from so many angles. And even though this project focuses on the intricate beadwork, families can take it a step further and create their own animals, hats, or wearable art.

This activity is perfect to enjoy at home because it works for all ages, from the youngest in the family practicing fine motor skills, to older children creating patterns. Adults can do it too!

Art offers a wonderful way for families to look beyond themselves and find inspiration from across time and around the world. It gives families the opportunity to slow down and create something together.

Download step-by-step instructions

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