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Inside the MFAH

“Inside the MFAH” provides perspectives, conversations, and opinions from insiders at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

  • Chevalier - View of Paris
    Need to Know: 3 Things about “A History of Photography” January 27, 2015
    “View of Paris” possesses an entrancing three-dimensionality akin to that of a modern hologram. —Malcolm Daniel, curator in charge, department of photography and special projects Daguerreotype may have evolved to digital, and silver prints to selfies, but ever since the invention of photography, one thing remains the same: Photographs are fascinating. The Museum’s famed photography …
  • General campus plans at night
    #FutureMFAH January 19, 2015
    Rooftop garden? Check. A new restaurant and theater? Check. Public plazas and reflecting pools? A walkable 14-acre campus? A translucent building to display 20th- and 21st-century art? Yes! All of the above, and more, for the future Fayez S. Sarofimcampus of the MFAH. The Museum is about to transform. Over the next five years, the campus is undergoing a dramatic redevelopment, adding three new …
  • Monet - The Breakup of the Ice
    “Monet and the Seine” Brings an Icy Wonderland to Houston January 2, 2015
    The Houston climate doesn't offer "winter wonderland" views very often, but this year we can enjoy some extra icy shades of winter in Monet and the Seine: Impressions of a River. Claude Monet painted scenes of his beloved Seine River at every season, including the winter of 1879, one of the coldest France endured during the entire century. Frozen waterways and heavy snowfalls disrupted daily …