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Kinder Building | Behind the Scenes

With the opening of the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building, the Museum’s growing collections of modern and contemporary art now have the showcase they deserve. Go behind the scenes to see the art on view, and how this years-long master plan came together. #GetModernMFAH

“Damascus Gate (Stretch Variation III)”

Installing Frank Stella’s Damascus Gate (Stretch Variation III) involved many MFAH departments working closely with the architectural team. After months of coordinated planning, the unstretched painting arrived at the Kinder Building 10 days before the public opening. Over the span of one day, 15 conservators and art handlers assembled the stretcher, tested it in place, stretched the canvas, and carefully mounted the painting at the apex of the central atrium, where it soars with an expansive grandeur that is at once exhilarating and celebratory. #GetModernMFAH


“La sordidez (Sordidness)”

Antonio Berni’s monumental creature La sordidez (Sordidness) brings an intriguing presence to the Latin American galleries of the Kinder Building. Part of the artist’s “Cosmic Monsters” series, the attention-getting sculpture inspires a hands-on art activity for all ages. Experience the work in person, then create your own masterpiece at home with this family-friendly how-to video and activity guide. #GetModernMFAH