The Persian Version

Festival of Films from Iran

When a large Iranian American family gathers, a secret is uncovered that catapults the estranged mother and daughter into an exploration of the past, and to discover they are more alike than they know. At the Sundance Film Festival, The Persian Version won both the Audience Award and the Screenwriting Award.

“[The] family is well worth the time the film spends on them, and it’s impossible to leave the theater without a smile.” —Screen Rant

Generous support has been provided by the ILEX Foundation.

Community partners: Society of Iranian-American Women for Education and the Iranian Cultural Foundation-Houston

The Persian Version

Directed by Maryam Keshavarz
(USA, 2023, 107 minutes, in English and Persian with English subtitles)
Brown Auditorium Theater, digital


Caroline Wiess Law Building
1001 Bissonnet Street
Houston, TX 77005
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