The Last Ones (Los últimos)

Latin Wave

North American Premiere! Filmmaker Sebastián Peña Escobar in Attendance

The assured debut feature by Sebastián Peña Escobar is an unexpected buddy comedy and road movie presented in the form of a documentary. The Last Ones follows three skeptical ecologists on their journey to Paraguay’s last virgin forests, engaging in passionate debates about the future of our species. As a massive wildfire threatens the area, the travelers confront the inevitability of their conclusions with irony and a dark sense of humor.

Sebastián Peña Escobar is a Paraguayan direc­tor, writer, and producer who studied economics and business in Paraguay, the United States, and Italy. He has published short stories, poetry, essays on cultural theory and history, and articles on themes from economics and history to cinema, photography, nature conservation, and world affairs. He coproduced both Guaraní and Chicas Nuevas 24 Horas, which was Goya-nominated for Best Documentary, in 2015. He produced The Heiresses (2018), which won two Silver Bears at the Berlin International Film Festival. He served as writer, producer, and director of The Last Ones.

Organized by the MFAH in association with the creative partner Fundación PROA, Buenos Aires.
Sponsored by Tenaris.


Programmed in collaboration with Cinema Tropical.

The Last Ones (Los últimos)

Directed by Sebastián Peña Escobar
(Paraguay/Uruguay, 2023, 87 minutes, in Spanish and Guarani with English subtitles)
Brown Auditorium Theater


Caroline Wiess Law Building
1001 Bissonnet Street
Houston, TX 77005
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