Looking for a new art experience? Check out these drop-in style studio sessions, led by artists, inspired by art and exhibitions on view at the Museum. As part of this free monthly experience, visitors have the opportunity to experiment with processes and materials, and to create community in new and different ways. Each event highlights the work of a different artist or exhibition.

You can spend as much or as little time as you like engaging with these encounters. Actively participate, or simply observe the process. The way you take part is up to you!

“Art Encounters” receives generous support from Learning Ninjas.

Past Events in This Series

Art Encounters “Chairs Are People”

Take part in a collaborative sculpture project with chair-stacking artist Cary Fagan, inspired by the exhibition Radical: Italian Design 1965–1985.

Art Encounters: Identifying Objects

This “Art Encounters” session, inspired by the work of artist JeongMee Yoon, encourages you to question the gender association imposed on objects.

Art Encounters: Stories of Migration

Mark the path of your family’s migration, inspired by Colombian artist Beatriz González and the exhibition Beatriz González: A Retrospective.

Art Encounters: Hands on Paper

This Art Encounters session invites you to participate in a call-and-response collaboration inspired by the exhibition Jasper Johns: 100 Variations on a Theme.

Art Encounters: Collaging Space

Transform recycled furniture into works of art, with inspiration from Colombian artist Beatriz González and the exhibition Beatriz González: A Retrospective.

Art Encounters: Community Prints

See the printing process in action as you create a communal print inspired by Jasper Johns and the exhibition Jasper Johns: 100 Variations on a Theme.

Art Encounters: Cutting Color

Take part in creating a paper mural inspired by Henri Matisse and his paper cutouts.

Art Encounters: Drawing Sound

Take part in the creation of community soundscapes inspired by the video work in the exhibition Ragnar Kjartansson: The Visitors.

Art Encounters: Wearable Objects

This Art Encounters session encourages you to lend a hand in the creation of wearable art inspired by the exhibition Mending: Craft and Community—Selections from the Museum’s Collection.

Art Encounters: Marks in Motion

Take part in a collaborative drawing activity inspired by the movements of the swinging pendulums found in the exhibition William Forsythe: Choreographic Objects.

Art Encounters: Weaving Together

Take part in a collaborative weaving activity inspired by craft artist Tanya Aguiñiga and her unique perspective on craft, community, and textural landscapes.