Afire (Roter Himmel)

Self-centered author Leon (Thomas Schubert) struggles to finish his second novel during a seaside holiday. Hoping for solitude to write, he rents a small house by the Baltic Sea, where—because of miscommunication—others have already taken up residence. Leon becomes furious and distracted as the rest of the housemates enjoy their summer. The days are dry, and as the surrounding parched forests begin to ignite, so do smoldering emotions. Afire, the latest drama from German auteur Christian Petzold (Transit), won the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize at the 2023 Berlin International Film Festival.

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Afire (Roter Himmel)

Directed by Christian Petzold
(Germany, 2023, 102 minutes, in German with English subtitles)
Lynn Wyatt Theater


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5500 Main Street
Houston, TX 77004
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