“Museum Diary” Episode 1 February 24, 2021

The MFAH presents “Museum Diary,” a documentary series assembled entirely from selfies, cell-phone videos, and Zoom calls. These short videos provide a collage portrait of MFAH staff members who talk about their daily work and share art that is meaningful to them.

Episode 1: Conservation
Go behind the scenes at the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation Center for Conservation.

Maite Martinez Leal, conservator of paintings, has been at the MFAH since 2000. She works with paintings in the Museum’s encyclopedic collection, from early Italian Renaissance panels to contemporary paintings.

Ingrid Seyb, associate conservator of objects and sculpture, has been at MFAH since 2010. She works with objects ranging from ancient artifacts to textiles to contemporary art made from surprising materials.

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