Movie Night with MFAH Films “Bull” and “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” April 27, 2020

This week, Movie Night features two premieres: a drama filmed in the Houston area, and a provocative documentary about 21st-century society.

Bull (April 29–May 12)

Set on the fringes of Houston, Bull is a commanding story about an unlikely bond between a wayward girl and an aging rodeo rider.

“A wondrous vision of life on the edge” —IndieWire 

• WATCH See “Bull” April 29–May 12. Your purchase ($12) supports the MFAH and provides access to the film for three days. Check out the trailer.

Capital in the Twenty-First Century (May 1–5)  

Adapted from the international best seller by economist Thomas Piketty, this eye-opening documentary focuses on global wealth and power—and the consequences of 20th-century capitalism for 21st-century society. Capital in the Twenty-First Century features a host of interviews with influential experts in economics and politics. 

• WATCH See “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” May 1–5. Your ​purchase ($12) supports the MFAH and provides access to the film for five days. Check out the trailer. 

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