MFAH Membership November 12, 2020

Enhance your Museum experience by joining the member family at the MFAH. Enjoy more of the art you love through exclusive preview events, free general admission, advance notice of lectures and other programs, 10% off MFA Shop purchases, and more!

These MFAH members shared their experiences with us.

Lauren Gayden | Dual Membership
I love planning Museum days with my membership partner and close friend, Aisha Roberts Preston. We love having access to the members preview days where we get premier access to world-renowned exhibitions. We were so excited to experience the only U.S. stop for the Vincent van Gogh exhibition. Being Dual Members for over five years has allowed us to enjoy such memorable and enjoyable experiences! Valuable member benefits keep us renewing year after year.

Angela Lane | Family Membership
We love the opportunity to attend the fantastic family classes. I’ve so enjoyed hearing from the experts who instruct the family classes and how they tie hands-on experiences to the Museum exhibitions. These experiences have made the exhibitions more relevant and relatable to my school-age children so that they have opinions and thoughts about what they see. It definitely has made them more engaged participants and our visits much more enjoyable.

Nancy Michon | Dual Membership
One of the biggest benefits I get from being a member of the MFAH is that I’m there more often. I attend more lectures, view more films, see more art, and have a much richer experience than I would as a nonmember. There’s something special about being able to spend time with a particular piece, to watch how the play of light and viewing angles change my experience as I move around it. This type of intimacy is what I cherish most about my visits to one of the most well-rounded art experiences in Houston.

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