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Meet Max, the Knight at the Museum July 8, 2015

By Kerry Ingram
Tags: programs, museum, mfah, summer, shadow-monsters, knight-at-the-museum, max, habsburg-splendor

On your summer visit, be sure to say hi to Max, our very own knight! He's here to help us celebrate Habsburg Splendor. Get to know our chivalrous visitor before you meet him in the galleries from Thursday through Sunday, or during storytime at July and August Sunday Family Zone + Studio programs.

Facts on Max

  • Full name: Max, the Knight at the Museum. Max is named after Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I (1459–1519), who called himself “the last knight.”
  • Hobbies: Horsemanship, hunting, fencing, dancing, and art collecting, just like his namesake.
  • Favorite sport: Jousting, which was sort of the NFL of its day. Think popular tournaments in arenas and big guys battling it out in clanging metal armor.
  • Favorite thing about being a knight: Max is hard at work guarding the Museum, but he’s very happy to pose with you for a few photos.
  • Favorite part of the Museum: Max visits the Habsburg Splendor exhibition to say hello to guests and check out the arms and armor on display, and he also likes to pop downstairs to battle nefarious shadows in the installation Shadow Monsters.