Fall Punch Recipe Celebrates the Rienzi Collection September 28, 2020

Kick off fall with a delicious punch recipe celebrating punch bowls and punch pots in the collection at Rienzi, the MFAH house museum for European decorative arts.

Christine Gervais, Rienzi’s director, chose images from the Rienzi Collection to accompany a recipe for Fish House Punch shared by Harold Madison, the event/beverage manager at the MFAH.

Grab your own punch bowl, with inspiration from the beautiful examples in the slideshow, and get to mixin’!

Fish House Punch
• 1 quart peach brandy
• 2 quarts Myers’s Original Dark Rum* 
• 1 quart fresh lemon juice, strained
• 1 quart grapefruit juice
• 1 pound dark brown sugar
• 1 quart water
*Any good dark Jamaican rum can be substituted. Kraken dark spiced rum also adds a unique twist.

Heat water; pour in sugar to slightly dissolve. Stir constantly. This will make a dark syrup. Cool. Pour in all other ingredients, and stir to blend together. Serve over ice. Garnish as desired—lemon wheels and cherries are great additions. Optional: Make ahead to age.

► Browse the Rienzi Collection as you sip on your masterpiece creation.

Fun Facts: Punch List
• Fish House Punch was served at the historic social club Schuylkill Fishing Company in Pennsylvania, established in the early 18th century. Members shared tales of how good the drink was.
• George Washington’s favorite cocktail was Fish House Punch, and it was served at the first presidential inauguration.
• Did you know? Traditionally, for a beverage to be classified as “punch,” it should contain five ingredients.