At-Home Art Activity: Making Your Own Chinese Scroll July 16, 2020

Immerse yourself in the art of Chinese scroll painting with this family-friendly activity inspired by Wild Geese Descending on a Sandbank from the MFAH collection of Asian art. To get started on this at-home art project, download the how-to guide and follow along in the video below with Elizabeth Roath Garcia, the Museum’s studio and gallery programs manager.

Nature, Poetry & Art
The artist who created this beautiful 18th-century scroll, Bian Shoumin, was a painter, poet, and calligrapher. Profoundly influenced by nature, he built his home in China’s Jiangxi province, near Lake Zhu, specifically so he could closely observe ducks, geese, and other birds on the lake. Wild Geese Descending on a Sandbank exhibits the artist’s naturalistic style and affinity for painting waterfowl. It also incorporates his poetry, in the inscription at the upper left:

Just now wild geese came into the sky,
As I waved my brush before the master of the qin [zither];
Autumn sounds meld with autumn thoughts
As I stand beside I know not who.

Download the activity guide

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