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“Home”—signaling a dwelling, residence, or place of origin—embodies one of the most basic concepts for understanding an individual or group within a larger physical and social environment. Yet home has been a little noted, although prevalent, feature in art since the 1950s, a period in which artists challenged the traditional “object” of the visual arts through the use of material and media culture, new forms, and performative actions and processes.

This illustrated catalogue features diverse U.S. Latino and Latin American artists whose engagement with the concept of home provides the basis for an alternative narrative of postwar art. Their work brings an impressive array of formal languages, conceptual strategies, and art-historical references together with the varied social concerns characterizing both the postwar period in the Americas and an emerging global economy impacting day-to-day life.


This publication accompanies the exhibition HOME—So Different, So Appealing, on view November 19, 2017—January 21, 2018.

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