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A fascinating exploration of Venezuelan Informalism, Contesting Modernity charts the movement’s history from its beginnings in the mid-1950s to its last manifestations in the 1970s. Essays by esteemed scholars discuss the variety, richness, and complexity of Informalism and examine the ways in which Venezuelan artists embraced many of the abstract, gestural tendencies contemporaneously developed in Abstract Expressionism, Tachism, and Art Informel. Providing a thorough and comprehensive overview of this artistically fertile, yet underappreciated, movement, Contesting Modernity highlights the diverse approaches and the wide range of media employed by Informalism’s key practitioners, including Alberto Brandt, Daniel González, Elsa Gramcko, Francisco Hung, and the collective El Techo de la Ballena. Also featured are stunning works by internationally acclaimed figures who experimented with Informalism, such as Carlos Cruz-Diez, Alejandro Otero, and Jesús Rafael Soto.

► This catalogue accompanies the exhibition Contesting Modernity: Informalism in Venezuela, 1955–1975, on view October 28, 2018–January 21, 2019.


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