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  1. Christian Marclay: “Chewing Gum”

    Meanwhile, in a self-referential tribute to the history of film, the herky-jerky quality of the pavement flickering behind the gum recalls flip books, optical toys such as the 19th-century zoetrope, and early cinema.

  2. The Design Reformation in Europe, 1845–1915: Selections from the Museum’s Collection

    The use of ornament on these items—often considered illusionistic, referential, and indiscriminate—resulted in a discussion about the aesthetics and even the morality of how things looked.

  3. MFAH Presents Latin American Constructive Art from Its Renowned Collection, on View Beginning September 15

    Sep 12, 2012 - Constructivism can be loosely characterized by its rejection of traditional painting and sculpture in favor of a structural, non-referential language based on precisely drawn lines and planes, as well as the incorporation of industrial