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  1. Modernism on the Ganges: Raghubir Singh Photographs

    This exhibition was organized by The Metropolitan Museum of Art with the cooperation of Succession Raghubir Singh.

  2. Virtual Cinema | Immersive Documentary “City Hall” Reveals Human Stories in an American Metropolis

    Nov 4, 2020 - An absorbing watch despite its length (4+ hours), City Hall unfolds in a succession of scenes that reveal human stories—the challenges and triumphs experienced by people in a modern American metropolis.

  3. A Royally Inspired Q&A with Tilda Swinton

    Oct 23, 2018 - I’m not sure that a monarch, or an heir to a throne, considers themselves much as an individual at all: That is pretty much the job description, to be a representative first and foremost, to inherit a title from a line of succession

  4. “Treasures from Korea: Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392–1910” concludes U.S. tour at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, in October

    Jul 16, 2014 - The Joseon dynasty exhibition is organized around five key themes that illuminate the artistic accomplishments and dynamics of Korean cultural life under the world’s longest-ruling Confucian dynasty, which saw the succession of