Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Learning Through Art for Middle School Educators curriculum?
The heart of this curriculum is a carefully constructed conversation through works of art. Each LTA/MS Curriculum Connection offers information about a work of art, questions to encourage observations and interpretations, and teacher-tested and approved suggestions for connecting to your classroom. Flexibility is a hallmark of the curriculum. Curriculum Connections offer a range of uses, from bell-ringer and do-now activities to complex, in-depth lessons. Read more about this project.

What are the different ways I can use LTA/MS in my classroom?
The curriculum is designed to be used from multiple points of view. Download and save an image; project an image directly from the site; print an image to share with friends and colleagues.

How do I find the Curriculum Connections that best suit my needs?
Search by work of art, content area, or habit of mind to find the Curriculum Connections that work best in your classroom. You can further refine your search by grade level.

How can I learn more about LTA/MS?
The curriculum works in tandem with the Museum's LTA/MS teacher workshops. Learn more about these workshops and how to register.

How do I plan a field trip for my students?
Guided tours are offered September through May, and self-guided visits are available all year long. Find out more about visiting the Museum and how to book a school tour.