How to Get Started

Begin your Learning Through Art search by selecting the path that best fits your needs. At the bottom of the LTA home page, you can opt to display the Curriculum Connections in 4 ways:

  • Sorted by Works of Art
  • Sorted by Habits of Mind
  • Sorted by Subject Matter
  • Showing all Curriculum Connections at once

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the LTA Online Curriculum in my classroom?
Flexibility is a hallmark of this curriculum. It is designed to be used in many different ways, and Curriculum Connections offer a range of uses—from short bell-ringers and introductory activities to complex, in-depth lesson ideas.

The tabs for “Connecting to the Work of Art” and “Conversation Starters” are designed to equip you, the teacher, with the information you need to lead a rich discussion with your students. Through these, the MFAH staff provides you with fascinating art-historical background and guiding questions to help you understand the artwork. Then, you can tailor a meaningful discussion for your classroom, and use the “Assessment” tab to integrate the artwork into a unique classroom experience.

How can I learn more about the LTA project?
The MFAH Learning Through Art project is an ever-changing, expanding resource bank designed to help teachers integrate the Museum’s renowned collections of world art into the classroom—regardless of age, subject, or purpose. Art is a valuable component of a 21-century, multidisciplinary education, and you can learn more about the LTA project here.

The LTA Online Curriculum also works in tandem with the Museum’s LTA teacher workshops. Learn more about these workshops, and how to register, here.

How can I plan a field trip for my students?
Guided tours are offered September through May, and self-guided visits are available all year long. Find out more about visiting the Museum, and how to book a school tour, here.

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