Kinder Foundation Education Center Teacher Fellows are distinguished educators from the Houston metro area who have demonstrated leadership skills and a passion for innovative teaching and learning methods in their classrooms. The 2011–14 Teacher Fellows worked with museum staff to develop a new approach to interdisciplinary classroom curriculum, school and teacher resources, and professional development opportunities at the museum. These middle school teachers of math, science, social studies, language arts, and art were selected through their participation in other MFAH activities or recommended by museum staff members. 

The Teacher Fellows collaborated with museum staff on a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to support the initiative Learning Through Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston for Middle School Educators (LTA/MS). This grant, "Museums for America: Engaging Communities," allows the MFAH to research and develop LTA/MS as a new resource for middle school educators. The grant also enables the MFAH to carry out much-needed research on middle school educators’ attitudes toward and perceptions of art-based interdisciplinary curriculum and the role of museums in teaching and learning. LTA/MS  strengthens the museum’s ability to support the work of middle school educators and generates research that can be used by museums across the country to develop their own curriculum resources for educators in their own communities. The Teacher Fellows helped to identify the areas of the curriculum that offer rich opportunity for arts-integrated teaching, and to determine an appropriate approach for developing curriculum-based workshops and resources for educators.

The MFAH values educators’ expertise and strives for true collaboration to develop meaningful resources for students and teachers. Teacher Fellows are essential to developing LTA/MS.

This project is made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.







2011–14 KFEC Teacher Fellows
Laurie Stone Adams
Chandel Bonner-Hancock
Sandra Burkhalter
Erin Forbes
Lashara Hoelscher
Catherine Holliday
Jessica Jasper
Janice Kemp
Stephanie Moncrieff
Cindy Moss
Daniel Santos
Frank Singer
Nancy Stewart
Gaye Don Tyler
Kathy Webb
Catherine Wilson