The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, offers a variety of programs tailored just for homeschool educators and students.

Homeschool Family Workshops

Specially designed workshops for the entire homeschool family are offered at the Museum during the school year. Each workshop includes an interactive gallery tour with hands-on activities and group discussions, followed by an opportunity to create a related art project.

This family program allows adults and children to participate together in the gallery and art-making experiences. All participants receive materials to extend the lesson at home.

Homeschool family workshops information
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Homeschool Courses at the Glassell Junior School

The Glassell Junior School offers a full-semester formal art program for homeschooled children during the fall and spring semesters. Students who enroll in these mixed-media courses gain experience using a variety of media, such as clay, tempera, watercolor, oil and chalk pastels, and more.

The basics of proportion, perspective, shading, painting, and sculptural techniques are covered in an encouraging atmosphere. During the course of the semester, students develop an art vocabulary; learn basic art history; and create their very own 2-D and 3-D works of art!

Junior School registration information
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Homeschool Days at the MFAH House Museums

The two MFAH house museums located in the historic River Oaks neighborhood—Bayou Bend, which displays American decorative arts and paintings, and Rienzi, the house museum for European decorative arts and paintings—offer special homeschool days on occasion, as well as resources for families.

Bayou Bend programs and events
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Rienzi programs and events
Rienzi information for educators and students
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Resources for Homeschool Families and Educators

Kinder Foundation Education Center

The Kinder Foundation Education Center serves, together with the Museum's Hirsch Library, as the public’s main source of information about the MFAH art collections. The KFEC, located on the lower level of the Caroline Wiess Law Building, is a support center for schools and universities, and it houses exhibition space for student art.

Resources are available in a variety of formats and disciplines—including DVDs, curriculum kits, books, study guides, poster sets, and collection-based interpretive materials produced by the KFEC—free of charge through the lending library for educators. These materials enhance classroom curriculum in all subjects and bring the world of art to students who often cannot visit a museum.Stop by the KFEC or order materials online.

KFEC information
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Hirsch Library

Since the 1920s, the Hirsch Library has served the museum staff, art researchers, college students, and the public by collecting, providing access to, and preserving information about the visual arts. The Hirsch Library is open free of charge to all individuals interested in visual-arts research.

Hirsch Library information
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Powell Library at Bayou Bend

The Kitty King Powell Library and Study Center, located in the Lora Jean Kilroy Visitor and Education Center at Bayou Bend, comprises more than 7,000 volumes about American decorative arts, material culture, and art, with helpful staff to assist users in finding information. Special collections include rare cabinetmaker design books and the Hogg Family Collection of books. The Kitty King Powell Library and Study Center is open free of admission to all individuals interested in art research.

Powell Library information
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