Docent-guided tours make cross-curricular connections while developing skills for looking at, describing art, thinking deeply and making connections to works of art. Students use inquiry, critical thinking skills, and close looking to explore the meaning of art in different cultures.

Book your tour now! Tour reservations for groups are needed at least two weeks in advance. Availability and space are limited, so be sure to book first when planning your trip. To review availability and book your tour: email

How to Prepare for Your Visit

Please review the following important documents before your visit.

  • The Museum’s collection and special exhibitions include works of art expressing a range of subject matter, including the nude or partially nude human form. Please prepare students for the possibility of viewing these images before arriving at the Museum. Our Learning and Interpretation staff will be happy to answer questions or address concerns you may have about the works on view prior to your Museum visit.
  • Tour FAQs 
    Details on where to drop off and park, and eat lunch; photography permissions; late arrivals; cancellations; and more
  • Guidelines for School Group Chaperones
    Information to help prepare chaperones for your visit

Getting the Most Out of Your Museum Visit

Preparing your students for their Museum visit, being active in designing the visit, and reflecting back on the visit in the classroom maximize the experience for students’ learning.