Reflection and Enlightenment features a selection of Chinese Buddhist gilt bronzes from the collection of Jane and Leopold Swergold.

Offering a rich introduction to the iconography of Buddhist devotional objects, these sculptures span the 3rd to 9th century, from the Southern and Northern dynasties period to the Sui and Tang dynasties. Modest in scale, such objects were presented as gifts to temples, brought as talismans on long journeys, arranged in groupings on private altars, and, more recently, valued as works of art by scholars and connoisseurs.

The Swergolds have been collecting Chinese art for nearly 30 years, and the Swergold Collection is considered one of the most extensive private collections of its type. This installation is on view in the Arts of China gallery.

Reflection and Enlightenment: Chinese Buddhist Gilt Bronzes from the Jane and Leopold Swergold Collection | November 30, 2017–August 5, 2018


Inside the MFAH
In a post on the MFAH blog, Jane and Leopold Swergold share insights on their collection, and what draws them to certain objects. Read the interview

Arts of Asia magazine
A feature story about the collection appears in the January/February 2018 issue of Arts of Asia. Written by Beatrice Chan, curatorial assistant for Asian art at the MFAH, the article explores major themes and key works of art in the exhibition. Arts of Asia is available at the Museum’s Hirsch Library.