In person to introduce the screening: writer/director Fikret Reyhan & producer Nizamettin Reyhan

An immigrant family deep in financial debt struggles to survive through traditional farming, but determined son Ibrahim (Ertugrul Aytaç Usun) dreams of a different future for himself. Ibrahim is surrounded not only by his family’s feudal circumstances but also the merciless system of the region. However, he finds that it is not so easy to turn a dream into reality, and his actions will have unexpected consequences for both himself and for his family. A compelling drama, Yellow Heat has earned awards and acclaim at film festivals around the world.

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About the Director
Born in Hatay, Turkey, Fikret Reyhan has a master’s degree in physics engineering. He directed his first short film, Üç Para (A Few Pennies), in 2009 and his second, Meta-morfoz (The Metamorphosis), in 2012. His documentary project The Foundation of Antiochia State and Its Inclusion in Turkey was put on hold at the editing stage because of the war in Syria. In 2013 he directed the short Kesit (Section) followed by a documentary, Mecliste Bir Gün (A Day at the Parliament House). Yellow Heat is his first feature film.

About the Producer
Born in Hatay, Nizamettin Reyhan graduated from Ege University in Izmir as a computer programmer. Between 2000 and 2004, he worked for International BAM Compmany in Dubai and Saudi Arabia as general manager. From 2004 to 2015, he worked at KPMG in London as a portfolio support officer. Since 2015 he has been involved in the film industry.

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