Special Guests: Harrod Blank and Rusty Tidenberg 

The camera-covered van of renowned art-car artist Harrod Blank breaks down near Albuquerque. The only mechanic capable of fixing it is local drag racer and machining savant Russell “Rusty” Tidenberg, who recently began to transition by getting breasts. While Rusty works, Harrod learns that Rusty’s pay was cut; Rusty has been rejected by biker friends; and women won’t date Rusty now. Struck by the story, Harrod films Rusty for eight years. Other gender-non-binary art-car artists that Harrod meets shed further light on gender identity in America. Why Can’t I Be Me? Around You follows Rusty on this difficult journey of embracing and exhibiting both genders, while still hoping for acceptance—and love.

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Harrod Blank and Sjoerd Djik
Running Time
93 minutes
Digital , Color