Famed Chilean singer/songwriter Violeta Parra is a household name throughout Latin America, known both for the power of her music as well as for her life dedicated to music, art, and love. Violeta’s vivid and fervent life comes alive onscreen with perceptive delicacy and nuance. Wood’s non-chronological approach to Violeta’s extraordinary biography moves from her early days travelling in the Andes, to time spent in Poland and France, chasing love and artistic greatness.

Played with precision by Francisca Gavilán, the film’s musical sequences are powerful and moving. Based on a book by one of Violeta’s children, audiences meet a dedicated artist who is not always the most conscious or present mother. Interesting and captivating, this portrait of a female artist trying to find her place in a male-dominated milieu is a testament to the woman it portrays.

Sunday, May 5 screening is free for students with ID.

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Andrés Wood
Spanish with English subtitles
Running Time
110 minutes