Introduced by producer Çağlar Ercan, with a post-film Q&A

This film is not rated. It contains scenes of military conflict, including violence.

The new historical drama by the director of Ayla follows two Turkish men living in Australia when World War I begins. Mehmet (Ali Atay) operates a popular ice cream (dondurma) cart, and his friend Ali (Erkan Kolçak Köstendil) is a fairground cameleer. When the Ottoman Empire joins the war, the men are ostracized by their Australian neighbors and deemed enemy aliens. Not allowed to leave the continent, Mehmet and Ali struggle to find their way back home by any means necessary.

The film explores the genres of comedy and action, moving to darker themes of violence and war in the second half. Inspired by a true story, Turkish Ice Cream is one of Turkey’s most successful films this year. Director Can Ulkay says the movie tries to address the devastating impact of war and how it separates societies. He hopes the film serves as a bridge between nations.

About the Speaker
Çağlar Ercan graduated from Ankara Private Yükseliş College and then from Eskişehir Anadolu University with a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences, cinema, and TV. He started his career working as a 1st assistant director for nationally and internationally acclaimed directors in film and advertising. He has been with Dijital Sanatlar Production since 2008 as a general manager and co-producer, overseeing productions, marketing, and distribution. He has worked as a line producer and a co-producer for TV shows and the films Ayla, Müslüm, Çiçero, and Turkish Ice Cream.

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Can Ulkay
English and Turkish with English subtitles
Running Time
120 minutes
Digital, Color