Mature Audiences Only

Audacious auteur Serge Bozon (La France) creates a new genre, fusing screwball comedy and policier in this adaptation of a pulp novel by British author Bill James. Isabelle Huppert (seen last year by Five Funny French Films audiences in My Worst Nightmare) teams up with Sandrine Kiberlain as a pair of internal affairs cops investigating the murder of an Algerian informant and police corruption in the town of Villeneuve. Their arrival disturbs the locals working the case, especially Detective Mendes (François Damiens). As the investigation proceeds there seem to be more questions than answers, with prevailing post-colonial attitudes causing tension. Away from their work, both women reveal some unusual preferences in their private lives.

“It evokes both vintage Godard and the Coen Brothers in its mix of deadpan comedy with genre-busting stylistic tics.” —The Hollywood Reporter

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Serge Bozon
French with English subtitles
Running Time
106 minutes