Audience favorite Benoit Poelvoorde—whose film My Worst Nightmare screened in the 2013 edition of Five Funny French Films—plays God as a mean-spirited, pajama-wearing man who lives in a high-rise apartment in Brussels. His young daughter hacks into his computer and tries to fix the mess her father has made of humanity, rounding up a motley crew of apostles (including Catherine Deneuve) to instill a more positive message in the world. The Guardian called the dark, witty, and eccentric film “a sweet and blasphemous satire.”

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 “A cheerfully blasphemous movie and pointedly hopeful vision of what life might be with the right girl in charge.” —Los Angeles Times

“Wickedly amusing! A surreal comedy whose endless visual imagination matches its conceptual wit.” —The New York Times

“Wildly inventive.” —Variety

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Jaco Van Dormael
French with English subtitles
Running Time
113 minutes
Digital, Color